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10,000 Maniacs

10,000 Maniacs

photo: Michael McLaughlin


10,000 Maniacs

Interview by Bill Black, Sounds, October 1984

"MY UNCLE CHARLIE read somewhere that we were a cult band so he thought we were playing for the Moonies. He even confronted me with ...

10,000 Maniacs: At Least Six Are Not Insane

Profile and Interview by Dave Zimmer, BAM, February 1986

JAMESTOWN, NEW York, about 400 miles from NYC, is home for 10,000 Maniacs. ...

10,000 Maniacs: The Wishing Chair (Elektra)

Review by Ira Robbins, Rolling Stone, March 1986

LEST 10,000 Maniacs be mistaken for members of the SoHo establishment, check your map: the sextet's home base, Jamestown, New York, is roughly the same ...

REM and 10,000 Maniacs: Rulers Of The Campus

Interview by Mark Cooper, Guardian, The, September 1987

College rock is alive and gigging in the US. MARK COOPER hears why from Michael Stipe of REM and Natalie Merchant of 10,000 Maniacs ...

10,000 Maniacs: Mood Music

Profile and Interview by Mark Cooper, Q, January 1988

IN 10,000 MANIACS' native America, hotel operators hang up when friends ask for the band by name and nervous radio programmers assume that Elektra are ...

Rock & Roll Acid Test: 10,000 Maniacs

Interview by Bruce Pollock, Guitar, May 1988

TURNING POINTS in the history of rock 'n' roll are moments frozen into the souls of those who witness them. Up in the Northeast Tundra ...

10,000 Maniacs: A Lioness's Share of Woe

Interview by Mark Cooper, Guardian, The, May 1989

Natalie Merchant is fighting the world's battles in her songs. Mark Cooper finds out why. ...

Natalie Merchant: Little Sister Syndrome

Interview by Andy Gill, MOJO, December 1993

MOJO: YOU'VE BEEN described as "interminably serious". Is that accurate? ...

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