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Amon Düül

Amon Düül


Burnin' Red Ivanhoe, Can, Amon Düül et al: Is It Euro-Rock Next?

Overview by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, June 1970

Richard Williams takes a Common Market-minded guess at a future trend in pop... ...

Amon Düül: Amon For All Seasons

Interview by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, December 1970

IN THE BEGINNING there was Amon Duul, and A.D. was a musical community of about a dozen people of varied musical backgrounds. Gradually, some of ...

Amon Düül: A Science Fiction Rock Spectacle

Sleevenotes by Lester Bangs, unpublished, for Dance of the Lemmings, 1971

Part One: The Aluminium Revolution IT HAD TO HAPPEN! It's been some seven years now since the impact of American popular ...

Amon Düül II, Tasavallan Presidentti: Imperial College, London

Live Review by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, December 1972

A CULTURAL ANECDOTE: It's early 1967 and The Soft Machine are having a little trouble getting it together — particularly Mike Ratledge. Finally, Daevid Allen ...

Krautrock: Germany Calling

Overview by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, December 1972

TIME WAS WHEN a sudden loud crash around West Germany was probably just an other F-One-Eleven. These days it's more likely to be the local ...

Krautrock: Germany Calling #2

Overview by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, December 1972


Krautrock: Germany Calling #3

Overview by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, December 1972

From Amon Düül to Faust's new sound-world ...

The Future Will Happen This Year: Space Rock

Overview by Greg Shaw, Phonograph Record, March 1973

RIGHT NOW we're gonna go back, way back, back before there was FM radio, quadrasonic sound, mellotrons, or any of the other futuristic trappings that ...

Amon Duul II: Wolf City

Review by Wayne Robins, Creem, June 1973

EVER READ German rock mags like Muziek Express or Dutch ones like Popfoto? If you do, you'll notice that besides the pictures of Alice Cooper, ...

Amon Duul: Vive La Trance

Review by Gary Sperrazza!, Shakin' Street Gazette, April 1974

GERMANY IS HARDLY the center of the rock universe. So the only rock and roll that seeped in during the late 60's were from those ...

Communing With Chaos: Amon Düül II

Retrospective and Interview by Edwin Pouncey, Wire, The, February 1996

WHEN THE GERMAN rock explosion (now recognised as Krautrock) first hit these shores in the early 70s, the temptation to label it as a thriving ...

Welcome To The Machine: Kraut Rock

Overview by John McCready, Face, The, November 1996

Julian Cope has championed it, new Nineties bands are ransacking it and the ageing German hippies that first created it are now packing in techno ...

Amon Düül

Retrospective and Interview by Andy Gill, MOJO, April 1997

AT ONE TIME, it seemed like everyone in Germany was in Amon Duul. ...

Hallucination on Sustain: 25 Years of Amon Düül II

Retrospective by Scott Fischer, Eurock, 2000

AS AN ESTABLISHED trend of musical non-adventurism became the keynote of the early '70s, an alternative motif of sonic exploration became necessary and was provided ...

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