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B-52s, The

B-52s, The


The B-52s: Time Capsule: Songs For A Future Generation

Review by David Stubbs, Uncut, August 1998

HISTORY OF Athens perfect popsters with two new tracks. ...


Update: The B-52s

Profile and Interview by Andy Schwartz, New York Rocker, April 1979

ARE THE B-52s now America's most popular un­signed "new wave" band? Not on the West Coast perhaps, where the group has yet to tour and ...

The B-52s: Hot Pants Cold Sweat And A Brand New Beehive Hair Do

Interview by Paul Rambali, New Musical Express, June 1979

"Y'AHL WANT gumbo?" Kate Pierson peers around the kitchen door, tea-cloth slung across a sunburnt shoulder. Her deep southern accent tells us ahl that her ...

The B-52s: B-52s (Island)

Review by Jon Savage, Melody Maker, June 1979

Yesterday's Sound Tomorrow ...

The B-52s: The B-52s (Island)

Review by Paul Rambali, New Musical Express, June 1979

ANYONE WITH even half an ear cocked to the dialogue that surrounds the music must have heard by now that they're living in some sort ...

The B-52s: Climate Control In The Land Of 16 Dances

Interview by Mitchell Cohen, Creem, December 1979

MOST PEOPLE, when discussing/remembering the beach party movies, don't take Jody McCrea into account. There was a nerd in the surf. This relates to The ...

The B-52s: They Came From Behind The Luncheonette Counter!!!

Interview by Cynthia Rose, Viz, 1980

The B52’s, of Athens, Georgia, are the first cult band who look like surviving the transition into a new decade – their music is individual ...

The Guide to Cult Status with those Wild! Wacky! B-52’s!

Interview by Vivien Goldman, New Musical Express, September 1980

The B-52’s are a "clever" jokey dance combo. Before they achieved their current commercial success, they were a gang of pals hanging around in Athens, ...

The B-52’s: Hair Today Gone Tomorrow?

Interview by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, January 1981

The Bouffants That Broke The Box Office: A Boffo Success Story by Cynthia Rose ...

The B-52s: Mesopotamia (Island)

Review by Richard Cook, New Musical Express, February 1982

A BRIEF encounter between two of the most deceptively insidious forces in new American music – David Byrne's irresistible art scalpel and The B-52's immovable ...

The B-52s: Mesopotamia (Island)****1/2

Review by Betty Page, Sounds, February 1982

OOOOH, C'MON, hey, wow, yeah, party, watusi, fandango, pistachio...Nuts. ...

The B-52's

Interview by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, June 1983

Today's environment – a dizzying mélange of neon, advertisement, slum detritus and 'junk culture' – has fascinated artists and poets since the 1950s. But not ...

The B-52s: Mission Accomplished

Report and Interview by Michael Azerrad, Rolling Stone, March 1990


The B-52s: When Your World Falls Apart…

Profile and Interview by Mat Snow, Q, July 1990

Fate dealt a sobering blow to the plastic-shoed party terrorists from Athens, Georgia: their principal songwriter died when they were on the verge of worldwide ...

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