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Bobby Bland


Two Steps from the Blues: The Gospel According to Bobby 'Blue' Bland

Book Excerpt by Barney Hoskyns, From a Whisper to a Scream (Fontana Books), 1991

WHEN HOWLIN' WOLF left Memphis for Chicago in late 1952, Sun Records' Sam Phillips was left with a crop of younger blues singers who in ...


Bobby 'Blue' Bland (1989)

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages Audio, July 1989

Bobby Bland talks about his influences, including MOR men like Perry Como and Andy Williams, and about the ups and downs of his career. Oh, and how C.L. Franklin gave him "the squall".

File format: mp3 File size: 15.8mb Interview length: 17 minutes 12 seconds Sound quality: ****


Duke/Peacock Records: The Success Story

Overview by John Broven, Blues Unlimited, June 1964

WITH THE emergence of interest in blues recordings after the war, with its resultant popularity, it was only natural that there should be a multitude ...

Bobby Blue Bland: Arrival

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, November 1973

WHEN THE news was announced that the vast ABC/Dunhill Record complex had purchased the Duke-Peacock group of companies, speculation began as to what ABC would ...

Bobby Bland: Dreamer

Review by Bob Fisher, New Musical Express, November 1974

ONE DAY last week I tuned into Noel Edmunds and I heard it – and fell back into bed. ...

Bobby Bland: Whisky A Go Go, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Harvey Kubernik, Melody Maker, February 1975

LOS ANGELES: At a time when today's music seems to be suffering from forced theatrics, and a lack of talent disguised in glitter and gold, ...

Bobby Bland: The Best Of (MCA)

Review by Gavin Martin, New Musical Express, June 1982

FIRST time I've heard Bobby Bland and it's obvious – the man's a star. ...

Talkin' Blues: John Lee Hooker/B.B. King/Bobby 'Blue' Bland

Retrospective and Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, June 1982

THE BLUES speaks haltingly at first, haltingly and quietly in a darkened room. The curtains are drawn to shut out whatever passes for daylight during ...

Malaco: Soul’s Retirement Home

Report and Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Times, The, July 1989

"BLUES SINGERS don't retire", said the late Howlin' Wolf, and Bobby "Blue" Bland might well agree with him. After thirty seven years virtually nonstop on ...

Bobby “Blue” Bland: I Pity The Fool – The Duke Recordings, Vol. 1

Sleevenotes by Don Snowden, Chess/MCA Records, 1992

AN ENDURING IRONY of the periodic blues revivals that rear their heads is that each and every one has managed to pass by the immense ...

Love Throat: Bobby "Blue" Bland

Interview by Robert Gordon, Rolling Stone, May 1998

BOBBY BLAND'S people seat me at a table, make sure I'm comfortable. An effective entrance demands the proper set-up. ...

For Members Only: Bobby Bland on Malaco

Sleevenotes by Barney Hoskyns, Malaco Records, October 2010

TWENTY-FIVE years ago, searching for the extant spirit of southern soul, I made my way to a former Pepsi-Cola warehouse in a decidedly unlovely industrial ...

Charles Farley: Soul of the Man – Bobby "Blue" Bland

Book Review by Mick Brown, Daily Telegraph, July 2011

I HAVE TWO REASONS to vividly remember the first occasion I saw Bobby "Blue" Bland perform in a Los Angeles nightclub 35 years ago. ...

The Old Steady: Soul Of The Man: Bobby "Blue" Bland by Charles Farley (University Press of Mississippi)

Book Review by Andy Gill, Word, The, September 2011

FORGET JAMES BROWN: the hardest working man in show business is surely bluesman Bobby "Blue" Bland, who played over 300 shows per year, for decades ...

Bobby "Blue" Bland: Two Steps From The Blues (Soul Jam)

Review by Mike Atherton, Echoes, 2012

WHEN BOBBY BLAND'S debut LP Two Steps From The Blues crept out over here on Vogue in the early '60s, one reviewer, whether through bitchiness, ...

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