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British Sea Power

British Sea Power


Naval Gazing For Beginners: British Sea Power

Interview by Ben Thompson, Independent, The, November 2000

DESPITE ITS GRANDIOSE name, North London indie refuge The Monarch is the sort of venue which often struggles for mythological significance. Yet when British Sea ...

British Sea Power: Northsix, New York

Live Review by Devon Powers, PopMatters, August 2003

NORTHSIX IS JUST a cinderblock box with cold metal pillars that reach from floor to ceiling, obstructing the view in what would otherwise be ideal ...

British Sea Power: Rock Needs To Get Back To Nature

Comment by Ben Myers, Guardian, The, November 2007

Cities have been done to death. More rock bands should take inspiration from countryside, mountains and rivers - like British Sea Power ...

British Sea Power: The Old Market, Hove

Live Review by Nick Hasted, Independent, The, March 2013

IF ANY CURRENT band could soundtrack Spirit of '45, Ken Loach's new documentary on Britain's post-war spirit of utopian belonging, it's British Sea Power. ...

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