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Chris Rea

Chris Rea


Chris Rea: Road To Hell

Review by Mark Cooper, Q, November 1989

NEW LIGHT Through Old Windows, last year's re-recorded look through his back pages, finally established Chris Rea as a frontrunner in his own country. ...

Chris Rea: The Road To Hell

Book Excerpt by John Pidgeon, Classic Albums (BBC Books), 1991

IF ANYONE EVER gets round to compiling a list of the sources of inspiration behind big-selling records, major motorway tailbacks are unlikely to figure high ...

Chris Rea: Sunny Side Up?

Interview by Robert Sandall, Q, April 1991

Whenever he makes an album nowadays, it duly finds its way inside a million houses. The biggest of budgets are his to command. And yet ...

Chris Rea Goes Racing

Profile and Interview by Robert Sandall, Q, January 1994

Adopt Murray Walker voice: "Aaahnd aaas Nigel Mansell attempts radical chassis reshaping at Starkey's Bridge, whooo's this bringing up the rear?" It's Chris Rea, actually, ...

Chris Rea: The Very Best of (East West)

Review by Mat Snow, Q, November 1994

Somewhere left of Eric Clapton and Phil Collins resides Chris Rea, a bluesman for whom the burden of life consists less of stones in his ...

Chris Rea: The Blue Café

Review by Kit Aiken, Uncut, April 1998

SEMI-AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL movies (La Passione) and life threatening illnesses (collapsed colon and peritonitis) out of the way, Chris Rea is back making music like nothing has ...

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