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Curve: The Bend Of The World As We Know It

Interview by David Stubbs, Melody Maker, March 1992

Their single 'Faît Accompli' is storming the Top 20, their debut album's waiting to make a bigger splash and even John Lydon likes them. Is ...


Profile by Andy Gill, Q, April 1992

WHEN TONI HALLIDAY first bumped into Dean Garcia backstage at a Eurythmics gig, it wasn't so much love at first sight as the first inklings ...

The Witch Report

Report and Interview by Betty Page, New Musical Express, May 1992

HIPS, LIPS, TITS, POWER! Meet the new breed of enchantress, the spell-binding women who are taking the male bastille and giving it some earthily female ...

Curve: Radio Sessions (Anxious)

Review by Pete Paphides, Melody Maker, June 1993

THE TROUBLE WITH a lot of these session albums is that they don't appear to offer you anything tastier than slightly less slick versions of ...

Curve: Present Intense

Interview by Caitlin Moran, Melody Maker, September 1993

Curve's new album, Cuckoo is a blood-curdling riot of pain and paranoia. So, it would seem, are Curve's lives. As CAITLIN MORAN finds out when ...

Curve: Arc Psychosis

Interview by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, September 1996

HOLLYWOOD IN THE 1930s wasn't the ideal environment for a feisty, independent actress with an inquiring mind who couldn't stomach the iniquities of the studio ...

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