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Fania All Stars, The

Fania All Stars, The


The Fania All Stars: Live

Live Review by Miles, New Musical Express, January 1976

A TERRIBLE HANGOVER and a record comes under the front door. I pluck up the courage to put it on (the cover has such loud ...

The Fania All-Stars: It's Skinny [OLÉ] It's Dangerous [OLÉ OLÉ] And It Drinks Cheap Spanish Wine...

Overview by Miles, New Musical Express, February 1976

With a rose clenched between his teeth, the man they call EL MILES infiltrates the heady, exotic world of the Strand Lyceum, where trousers are ...

Fania All Stars: Our Latin Thing

Sleevenotes by James Maycock, Vampi Soul Records, 2004

ON 19TH JULY, 1972, the first few images flickering on the screen at the premiere of Our Latin Thing in New York’s Line 2 cinema ...

Rumba In The Jungle: Fania All Stars Live In Africa

Sleevenotes by James Maycock, Vampi Soul DVD, February 2005

1974 WAS A fine year for Jerry Masucci's golden boys. Following the triumphs of Our Latin Thing, the Fania All Stars broke out across the ...

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