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Focus: Hardrock, Manchester

Live Review by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, January 1973

ALTHOUGH OUR entry into the European Economic Community is being saluted with umpteen art forms and rock concerts in the capital, perhaps the greatest – ...

Jan Akkerman: A Poor Relation Comes Good

Interview by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, February 1973

IN A SMALL OFFICE at the Manchester Hardrock, reeking of stale beer and dirty ashtrays, Jan Akkerman is struggling to light a cigarette. Outside, where ...

Focus: Focus And The American Hell

Interview by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, May 1973

MIDNIGHT was our cue to quit the Swiss restaurant and return, like five Cinderellas, to our hotels. It wasn't a case of trembling at the ...

Focus: How to Make It Without Playing Top 40

Interview by Harold Bronson, Rolling Stone, May 1973

LOS ANGELES – "'Hocus Pocus' was done as a parody of rock," said Thijs van Leer, founder of Focus, commenting on his group's hit record. ...

Focus: At The Rainbow (Polydor)

Review by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, September 1973

LIVE ALBUMS basically attempt to recreate a concert atmosphere with favoured musical pieces by the band in question and sycophantic noises from the audience. ...

Focus: Changing Focus

Interview by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, March 1974

FOCUS HAVE been through some changes in recent months, and happily for fans of this Dutch band with an international reputation for fine music – ...

Jan Akkerman: Dutch Treat

Interview by Steven Rosen, Guitar Player, May 1975

JAN AKKERMAN, lead guitarist of Focus, represents the new breed of European guitarists so long invisible under the veil of the English players. Where the ...


Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Sounds, March 1976

If you look like this … when you really feel like this…then your name is Thijs Van Leer and you’re trying hard to make the ...

Phone Home: Jan Akkerman

Interview by Colin Harper, MOJO, July 1996

"AFTER FOCUS I MADE a record called Eli and toured Britain. The record was a success but the tour was a disaster. I did one ...

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