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Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson: This Girl Sleeps With Snakes

Interview by Tom Hibbert, Smash Hits, August 1986

And feeds her llama on bubble sum and lets her giraffe eat all her mum's trees and sends her monkey to school. Oh yes, and ...

Janet Jackson

Profile and Interview by Tom Hibbert, Q, October 1986

"THERE COMES A time in a kid's life when they have to take over. It's hard for the parents to let go – and I'm ...

Janet Jackson: Complete Control

Interview by David Stubbs, Melody Maker, March 1987


Watch Your Heads!! Janet Jackson's About!!

Interview by Tom Hibbert, Smash Hits, March 1987

She seems so calm and dainty, but when the urge overcomes her, you just can't see the sky for grapes!!? Tom Hibbert faces the fruit... ...

Jam And Lewis Take Control

Profile and Interview by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, April 1987

The Grammy Award-winning producers who made Janet Jackson a 'Nasty' superstar have been turning out lots of hits lately ...

Janet Jackson: Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814

Review by Lloyd Bradley, Q, October 1989

IT'S ALMOST FOUR years since Janet Jackson's last album – Control The Remixes hardly counts – and nearly 12 months since she began recording this ...

Janet Jackson: Free At Last

Interview by Anthony DeCurtis, Rolling Stone, February 1990

With her last album, Janet declared her independence from her famous family. Now, on Rhythm Nation, she's stepping out and dealing with the real world ...

Janet Jackson/Chuckii Booker: Madison Square Garden, New York

Live Review by Jason Cohen, Sounds, May 1990

EVERYONE from white guys with bad Bon Jovi hair to teenyboppers of every colour and class were out tonight. ...

The Jacksons Score Big

Report by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, May 1991

Michael and Janet set new standards for artist deals ...

Jam & Lewis: Flyte of Fantasy Part III

Interview by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, February 1993

Jeff Lorez concludes his in-depth report on the tenth anniversary of Jam & Lewis's Flyte Tyme Productions ...

Shep Pettibone: Spontaneous Combustion

Interview by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, April 1993

No amount of studio technology can ever compete with the priceless element of spontaneity to set things on fire, says Shep... ...

Luscious: Janet Jackson: Janet (Virgin)

Review by Chris Roberts, Melody Maker, June 1993

IT can be done. Pop music in 1993 can be big, beautiful, frisky, proud, mellow, brash, subtle, motivating, sassy, plush and irresistible. Janet Jackson is ...

Behind Those Sphinx-like Eyes: Janet Jackson

Profile by Barney Hoskyns, Observer, The, April 1995

"THIS IS A STORY ABOUT CONTROL," whispered the 19-year-old Janet Jackson at the start of her breakthrough album, Control, in 1986. "It’s all about control, ...

Ripply: Janet Jackson: Sheffield Arena, Sheffield

Live Review by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, June 1995

JANET JACKSON slinks out of the shadows and straddles a chair, legs wide apart. ...

Janet Jackson: Design of a Decade 1986-1996 (A&M)/Luther Vandross: Greatest Hits 1981-1995 (Epic)

Review by Richard Cook, MOJO, December 1995

Hit compilations from ‘80s-into-’90s soul megastars. ...

Brave Heart: Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope

Review by Miles Marshall Lewis, LA Weekly, November 1997

ACCORDING TO Ralph Ellison in Shadow and Act, no jazz musician struggled harder to escape the role of grinning minstrel than Charlie Parker, with the ...

Janet Jackson: The Velvet Rope

Review by Chris Roberts, Uncut, November 1997

THIS TIME, it's raining the spectrum of starfish and streaming with tiger snakes. The last Jacksoness album, 93's janet, was a slink-fest of extraordinary ambition ...

Fondle With Care: Janet Jackson: Ahoy, Rotterdam

Live Review by Neil Kulkarni, Melody Maker, April 1998

IT'S WHEN THE camera catches the screen and doubles her back to infinity. It's when she's frozen silent by the spotlight, in the teeth of ...

The Jackson Fave: Janet Jackson: Ahoy, Rotterdam

Live Review by Angus Batey, Vox, June 1998

"When I was 17 I did what people told me Did what my father said and let my mother mould me But that was ...

Janet Jackson

Interview by Sheryl Garratt, Grazia, August 2006

THE FAMILY RESEMBLANCE is unmistakable. With her high cheekbones and big brown eyes, Janet Jackson looks eerily like her brother Michael before he began his ...

Janet Jackson: Discipline

Review by Carol Cooper, Village Voice, The, February 2008

SURE, MADONNA repeatedly toyed with BDSM in her videos, but she never publicly admitted to breast and genital piercings like Miss Jackson did. So, in ...

Janet Jackson: 'I Eat To Fill The Void'

Interview by Michael A. Gonzales, Daily Telegraph, November 2010

With an Oscar-tipped role in Tyler Perry's new film and a handsome young billionaire in her life, Janet Jackson is, finally, 'in a good place'. ...

Janet Jackson: True You: A Journey To Finding And Loving Yourself

Book Review by Michael Gross, Washington Post, The, March 2011

JANET JACKSON'S True You boasts alluring packaging: It's printed on the kind of ultra-white paper you rarely see in books anymore, chock-full of photos and ...

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