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Joe South

Joe South


New For You: Tommy Roe, Billy Joe Royal and Joe South

Profile by June Harris, Disc, August 1962

 U.S. Stars Hopes For More Success Here ...

Joe South: Joe Tells Of The Games People Play...

Interview by Derek Boltwood, Record Mirror, April 1969

GET UP, GO over to the window and look out. Up and down that pavement outside every day walk people, some for pleasure, some going ...

Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin et al: Album Reviews

Review by uncredited writer, Melody Maker, April 1969

Both sides of the great Elvis Presley, orchestral pop from the Brothers Ryan ...

Joe South Introspect: 'I Look For Warmth And Vibrations In People And I Look For God...'

Interview by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, May 1969

"JOE SOUTH is a boy from the roots of this country (U.S.A.), a whole bed of human suffering throughout the history of this fine land ...

Joe South: a Kaftan and Cups of English Tea

Interview by Royston Eldridge, Melody Maker, May 1969

Royston Eldridge catches up with Joe South over breakfast at the May Fair ...

Allman Brothers Band, Joe South, Mother Earth: Piedmont Music Festival, Atlanta

Live Review by Miller Francis Jr., Great Speckled Bird, The, October 1969

FRIDAY AFTERNOON was almost frightening — all those big names, the abruptness of the pop festival's appearance, the overall speculative nature of this ambitious musical ...

Joe South: The Other White South

Comment by Charlie Gillett, Record Mirror, June 1970

MOST WHITE people in the American South like country and western music. ...

A New, Un-Slick Joe South: A Look Inside

Review by Charlie Gillett, Rolling Stone, March 1973

AT ONE OF Joe South’s infrequent live shows, in some small place in Georgia a year or so back, he wasn’t getting the response he ...

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