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Johnny Bristol

Johnny Bristol


Johnny Bristol: Hangin' Out with the Other JB

Profile by Roger St. Pierre, NME, September 1974

PRODUCER/SONGWRITERS turned artists are an increasingly common feature of the soul scene. ...

Johnny Bristol: Hang On In There, Baby

Review by Bob Woffinden, NME, October 1974

HEY, THIS cat's a whole lot better than Barry White. ...

Johnny Bristol and Allen Toussaint: Producers 'N' Performers

Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, May 1975

IT SEEMS that it's an increasingly notable fact that more and more producers, after scoring successfully in that field, are turning their attention to the ...

Johnny Bristol: Still Hangin' In There

Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, September 1978

'HANG ON In There Baby' remains to this day one of the best selling R&B based records of all time. It carried its creator, Johnny ...

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