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Mantronix: Heaven, London

Live Review by Simon Witter, New Musical Express, 1986

WE WENT to Heaven, and it looked like the Bronx. Wall-to-wall black B-boys, hoods, whistles, and two unprettified lads doing their thing against a tinsel-rain ...

Mantronix: Heaven, London

Live Review by Frank Owen, Melody Maker, March 1986


Mantronix: The Hardcore Life

Interview by Frank Owen, Melody Maker, March 1986

Dr Frank Owen returns with the backbeat on MANTRONIX, another pair of boys from the land of hip-hop. Is this finally the end of live ...

Mantronix: Will Hip Hop Eat Itself?

Report and Interview by Sean O'Hagan, New Musical Express, November 1986

Where is it? New York city. How is it? Bloody hot in here. Why is it? Because MATRONIX, pure-steel technologists of studio and vox, have ...

Mantronix: Sonic Assassins

Report and Interview by Frank Owen, Melody Maker, December 1986

To hip hop or not to hip hop, that is the question. With their new album, Music Madness just in the shops, Frank Owen travelled to NYC, home of MANTRONIX, to ...

Mantronix: 'Tronik Boom!

Interview by Jack Barron, Sounds, July 1987

More than merely another hip hop outfit, Manhattan's MANTRONIX are breaking new ground with their brand of hardcore confusion. JACK BARRON meets CURTIS "MANTRONIK" KAHLEEL ...

Mantronix: In Full Effect (10 Records) ****1/2

Review by Richard Cook, Sounds, March 1988

THE WAY Mantronix put their music together, you'd think this sort of thing was easy. It just falls into place, fluent, fresh, each lick set ...

Indie Labels: Players With the Rap Attack Making the Most Impact — and It's Not Just for the Money

Report by Vernon Gibbs, Billboard, June 1988

INDEPENDENT LABELS have always been critical to the exposure of new black music. In the '50s, labels like Specialty and Chess gave pioneers like Little ...

Mantronix: The Incredible Sound Machine

Review by Lloyd Bradley, Q, April 1991

FIVE YEARS AGO, hip hop duo Mantronix were among the best there was: techno-boff Mantronik's search for that perfect beat involved the unlikeliest noises fed ...

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