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PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey


PJ Harvey: Dry (Indigo)

Review by Deborah Frost, Village Voice, The, July 1992

"SHOW US YER TITS!" is still the rule of thumb for yobbos throughout the global village whenever a woman dares open her mouth a little ...

PJ Harvey: An Interview

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, Summer 2004

RBP: Not to suggest that Uh Huh Her must be entirely autobiographical – or "confessional" – but you don’t sound terribly happy in these songs. ...


PJ Harvey (2004)

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages Audio, April 2004

Peej on making Uh Huh Her, songwriting, minimalism, her rock'n'roll bohemian upbringing, working with Marianne Faithfull and meeting Kurt Cobain

File format: mp3; file size: 53.9mb, interview length: 58' 49" sound quality: ***


PJ Harvey

Interview by Martin Aston, Puncture, 1992

WITHOUT DISCOUNTING Sinead O'Connor, we've become accustomed to looking toward North America to feel the cutting-edge of female singer-songwriters – the tense psychoanalysis of Throwing ...

P. J. Harvey: Sex and Bile and Rock and Roll

Interview by Jim Arundel, Melody Maker, February 1992

IT'S SUNDAY AFTERNOON, grey and bitter and it looks like rain. Your flatmate, Lisa, and her gangly boyfriend, Ben, are in her room. They're burning ...

PJ Harvey: Scrumpy's Trusted Nut

Interview by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, February 1992

Way out West Country! Cut off from television, newspapers and all your favourite bands, PJ HARVEY is brewing up an intense, sexual storm that's set ...

The Witch Report

Report and Interview by Betty Page, New Musical Express, May 1992

HIPS, LIPS, TITS, POWER! Meet the new breed of enchantress, the spell-binding women who are taking the male bastille and giving it some earthily female ...

PJ Harvey: Harvey's Frisco Dream

Interview by Max Bell, Vox, November 1992

PJ Harvey hit the states for a lightening tour and took it by storm. "It's like a film," says Polly. "I think they're a bit ...

PJ Harvey: Kicking Against The Pricks

Interview by Martin Aston, Spin, November 1992

Twenty-two-year-old Polly Harvey fronts this year's most raved-over new group, PJ Harvey. Martin Aston gets bewitched and bewildered. ...

PJ Harvey: Rid Of Me (Island)

Review by Betty Page, New Musical Express, April 1993

THE FIRST time, it gave me third degree burns. I was driving when the title track's soft murmur exploded into a rocket-thrusted motorcycle roar and ...

PJ Harvey: Rid Of Me (Island)

Review by David Sinclair, Q, June 1993

IT STARTS with the musical equivalent of an itch. A guitar plonks away softly, a light clattery drum sound brushes against the beat, and eventually ...

PJ Harvey: The Academy, New York NY

Live Review by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, July 1993

FROM GRUNGE'S "castration blues" to the glutinous gloom of Come/Red House Painters/Mazzy Star to tonight's support band Gallon Drunk (with their cliché-encrusted homage to Nick ...

Sun, Sea, Sand And Sex!

Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, August 1993

And very nice too, thanks, apart from the sex, which in the warped world of PJ Harvey is an anguished, violent, even blood-spattered activity. Set ...

PJ Harvey: Primed and Ticking

Interview by Deborah Frost, Rolling Stone, August 1993

PJ Harvey beat the sophomore jinx and get their mojo workin' with an American tour and their powerful new album, Rid of Me ...

PJ Harvey: What Makes Polly Scream?

Interview by Simon Reynolds, i-D, October 1993

PJ Harvey — the singer and the band — is the pop phenomenon of the year. Her emotional, bluesy primal screaming is the most challenging ...

PJ Harvey: 4 Track Demos (Island)

Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, October 1993

ROCK'N'ROLL EXISTS in a parallel universe to straight society. In this kaleidoscope of pleasures, people with suss, savvy and imagination are allowed to re-invent themselves, ...

P.J. Harvey: 4-Track Demos

Review by Evelyn McDonnell, Rolling Stone, November 1993

THE POP INDUSTRY loves to simulate authenticity, a trick that, like the manufacturing of fake antiques, puts demands on the consumer. It's hard to tell ...

P.J. Harvey: Come On Down

Profile and Interview by Simon Witter, Sky, Fall 1993

She’s been called the indie Madonna, but Polly Harvey is not famous for upbeat frivolous pop tunes. So raw and angst-ridden is her music she ...

PJ Harvey, Björk, and Tori Amos: Hips. Lips. Tits. Power.

Interview by Adrian Deevoy, Q, May 1994

Well, would you spill their pint? In the last 18 months, Polly Harvey, Björk, and Tori Amos have rogered the charts with their special brew ...

Yeovil! Bum Rush The Show: PJ Harvey: To Bring You My Love (Island)

Review by Andrew Mueller, Melody Maker, February 1995

From Somerset with love? It came from the west. It sounds like the Deep South. Polly Harvey's third LP proper is one scary place to ...

PJ Harvey: To Bring You My Love

Review by Mark Cooper, MOJO, April 1995

THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT PJ HARVEY IN A dress that doesn't quite gel and that's the something that she's chafed and worried at in her bruising, ...

PJ Harvey: To Bring You My Love (Island)

Review by Max Bell, Vox, April 1995

POLLY JEAN HARVEY has never been afraid to let the masculine side of her personality underscore her feminine traits. The shock of the new most ...

Queen of the Night: P.J. Harvey

Profile by Lucy O'Brien, Guardian, The, June 1995

SHE’S TAKING America by storm. She’s very fashionable at the moment. She’s hipper than hip. That’s what Paul McGuinness says; he’s the manager of U2 ...

The Dark Lady of Dorset: Polly Jean Harvey

Interview by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 1998

WHAT FORM will Lady Darkness take today? Slogan-smeared butch bootgirl? Ditch-dwelling hobgoblin? Cauldron-stirring sorceress of seething blues alchemy? Spectrally thin bride of Frankenstein? Cock-rocking voodoo ...

PJ Harvey: Is This Desire? (Island)

Review by Everett True, Melody Maker, September 1998

IT NEVER rains, it pours. The release of Is This Desire?, PJ Harvey's fifth album, comes hot on the heels of releases by such former ...

PJ Harvey: Is This Desire?

Review by Barney Hoskyns, MOJO, November 1998

On her last proper album, 1995’s very fabulous To Bring You My Love, P.J. Harvey slipped on a slinky red dress and covered up the ...

Pete Waterman: Style Counsel

Interview by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, January 1999

Last week, Pete Waterman the Brian Clough of pop, stoutly defended his new teenpop cadets Steps and his revitalised label PWL. Here Doctor Waterman offers ...

Bjork: Selmasongs; PJ Harvey: Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea

Review by Djuna Parnes, Rock's Backpages, December 2000

OUTSIDE OF Kid A, Thom Yorke made two significant cameo appearances in A.D. 2000. Both were on albums by dark, "difficult" women who’ve spearheaded change ...

PJ Harvey: Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea

Review by Ian Penman, Uncut, December 2000

Self-produced sixth album is curate's egg ...

PJ Harvey: Live in London

Live Review by Chris Roberts, Uncut, April 2001

THE LAST rock star, dripping with dark poetry, mystery and unforced glamour, stands alone onstage in spectacular red dress and electric guitar, crying, "Lick my ...

Big Exit: P.J. Harvey's Last Night

Live Review by Djuna Parnes, Rock's Backpages, October 2001

IT IS THE SECOND OF TWO SOLD-NIGHTS in Sarf London, and the last date of a very long tour – much of it spent supporting ...

PJ Harvey

Profile and Interview by Ian Watson, Rolling Stone (Australia), May 2004

THE DAY PJ HARVEY turned thirty something clicked in her head. She spent her twenties fighting against herself, trying to quash the parts of her ...

PJ Harvey Does It Her Way

Interview by Sylvie Simmons, Harp, September 2004

JORDAN IS a model. To be more precise, Jordan is a 'glamour' model. A blonde with monolithic, man-made breasts that make as regular an appearance ...

Love in All the Wrong Places: PJ Harvey

Profile and Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Tracks, Summer 2004

POLLY HARVEY reclines in regal splendour at the end of the very long and pompous Promenade Room of London’s legendary Dorchester Hotel. Buffed Eurotrash couples ...

PJ Harvey: White Chalk (Island)

Review by Barney Hoskyns, Uncut, September 2007

IN THE AGE of Amy Winehouse it's worth remembering the shock that was Polly Jean Harvey when she blasted out of the West Country 15 ...

PJ Harvey's White Chalk Is Genius With A Dark Heart

Review by Jude Rogers, Guardian Unlimited, September 2007

As the tracks unfold, Jude Rogers finds herself acting as Polly Jean's agony aunt while listening to her wailing like a Kate Bush from hell ...

PJ Harvey Steps into the Light

Interview by Robert Sandall, Sunday Times, September 2007

ON THE FACE OF IT, precious little has changed in the world of PJ Harvey in the 14 years since we first met. On that ...

Different Voices: PJ Harvey and John Parish

Interview by John Doran, Stool Pigeon, The, March 2009

Polly Jean Harvey has reunited with John Parish (who collaborated with her with on To Bring You My Love, Is This Desire? and White Chalk) ...

Inside the Hidden Heart of PJ Harvey (and John Parish)

Interview by Nick Hasted, Independent, The, March 2009

POLLY JEAN HARVEY and John Parish are sitting across from each other in a quiet hotel with the comfort of 20 years' acquaintance. Harvey, of ...

PJ Harvey: The Troxy, London

Live Review by Ben Thompson, Sunday Telegraph, March 2011

ON THE LEFT of the Limehouse Troxy stage stands PJ Harvey – enrobed in one of her Belgian fashion confederate Ann Demeulemeester's trademark pristine, shroud-like ...

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