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Roy Brown

Roy Brown


Roy Brown

Retrospective by Charlie Gillett, Record Mirror, August 1970

THE MOST influential singer of the last 25 years was Roy Brown. ...

Roy Brown: New London Theatre

Live Review by Cliff White, NME, March 1978

HALFWAY through, this chaotic gig had all the makings of one of the Great Disasters Of Our Time. ...

Roy Brown: 100 Club, London

Live Review by Cliff White, NME, August 1978

AT ABOUT 3 pm the Sunday before last, one American rhythm 'n' blues pioneer and six British beer 'n' peanut-circuit musicians got together for the ...

Roy Brown: Cheapest Price In Town

Review by Cliff White, NME, November 1978

ALTHOUGH AT 53 going on 25, Roy Brown is relatively young for an R&B star who first recorded just after the war, there's no getting ...

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