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Run DMC (1986)

Interview by Kris Needs, Rock's Backpages Audio, October 1986

Rock and rap, hip hop live and hip hop movies, and the struggle to get hip hop into the mainstream – the Queens Kings of Rap'n'Roll speak.

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It's Like That, Is It?: Run DMC: Danceteria, New York

Live Review by Richard Grabel, New Musical Express, May 1984

RAP'S STILL going strong, because all of what has to be said has not yet been said. Street kids have got to get over, and ...

Run DMC: Run DMC

Review by Push, Soundcheck, August 1984

WARNING: This is an American release and it may take a lot of effort to find a copy. Justification: all successful searches will be truly ...

Run DMC: Run DMC (Profile)

Review by Roy Trakin, Creem, September 1984

A TRIO OF STREET teens from the shadows of Shea Stadium who bear out ex-Met manager Casey Stengel's enthusiasm about the Youth of America? ...

Run DMC: Run For It

Profile and Interview by Carol Cooper, Face, The, November 1984

DESPITE WHAT you may have read, there is no such thing as a monolithic black American style. The attempt to pigeonhole black creativity into narrow ...

Run-D.M.C.: King Of Rock (Profile/Island); Whodini: Escape (Jive)

Review by Simon Witter, New Musical Express, February 1985

DMC: DMX + HM = OTT! ...

RUN DMC: Raising Hell (Profile/London)

Review by Biba Kopf, New Musical Express, July 1986

A SEOUL diversion — RUN DMC coming up, fast food and sweet music ready to go. ...

Run DMC: Serious Rap Attack

Report and Interview by Paul Mathur, Melody Maker, September 1986

With their Raising Hell tour putting the frighteners on many a major American town and their Rapping Metal single, 'Walk This Way' scaring the pants ...

Run DMC: Hit And Run

Interview by Jack Barron, Sounds, September 1986

As the RUN DMC tidal wave breaks over the British coastline and the country reels to its knees, it's maybe time to ponder the principles ...

Def Jam: License to Thrill

Report and Interview by Frank Owen, Melody Maker, December 1986

RICK RUBIN and RUSSELL SIMMONS are the creative mavericks behind the outrageous antics of THE BEASTIE BOYS and RUN DMC and a whole host of ...

Def Jam #2: World Domination Enterprises

Report and Interview by Frank Owen, Melody Maker, January 1987

In the second part of his investigation into DEF JAM records, the world's hottest label, Frank Owen charts the careers of RICK RUBIN, RUSSELL SIMMONS, ...

Def Jam: Don't Knock The Rock – Rap It

Report by Mark Cooper, Guardian, The, June 1987

Mark Cooper on how Def Jam crossed over punk with rap, white with black, and stayed cool with both sides ...

Run DMC/The Beastie Boys: Brixton Academy, London/Brighton Centre

Live Review by Paul Mathur, Melody Maker, June 1987


Run DMC, Public Enemy et al: Brixton Academy, London

Live Review by Jack Barron, New Musical Express, October 1988

LONDON BRIDGE is falling down, Big Ben has struck one minute to midnight and had his hand's burned. And all is not well in this ...

Rap: Rock Is Dead

Special Feature by Mark Dery, Keyboard, November 1988


Concert Violence: Who's to Blame?

Report by Michael Azerrad, Rolling Stone, November 1988

Action needed in the wake of recent deaths at rap and metal shows ...

Run DMC/Onyx/Boss: Palladium, NYC

Live Review by Ian Christe, Your Flesh, Summer 1993

PASS TWO METAL detectors and a sixteen-point patdown, then descend three stories of padded stairs into a vast ancient theatre outfitted with video gear. ...

Hip Hop Don't Stop

Overview by David Bennun, Hot Air, 1999

A LITTLE over two minutes into The Fugees' 1996 hit 'Ready Or Not', the voice of Lauryn Hill is thrown into relief by a brief ...

The Grim Reporter December 2002

Obituary by Phast Phreddie Patterson, Rock's Backpages, December 2002

Phast Phreddie Patterson on those gone but not forgotten ...

Run DMC: The Best of Run DMC

Review by Gavin Martin, Daily Mirror, April 2003

Run DMC inspired a generation to turn hip-hop into a multi-billion dollar industry, says GAVIN MARTIN ...

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