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Seal: Seal (ZTT)

Review by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, June 1991

SEAL CLUBBING seemed an attractive option to many last year after the leather-clad lothario ascended our charts atop a naggingly crap Adamski riff and steadfastly ...


Review by Andy Gill, Q, September 1991

"AAAH, IT'S JUST BEEN NON-STOP," says Seal of his virtual year-long bout of promotional chores. "I just wanna get out and play. I'm not interested ...

Seal: It's a Bitch

Interview by Mark Cooper, Q, July 1994

WHEN SEAL first appeared on billboards all around Britain in 1991, he cut a vast, almost monumental figure. Hands on hips like a fashion model, ...

Seal: A Conjurer Of Lush Grooves

Interview by Simon Reynolds, New York Times, The, August 1994

What to call Seal’s blend of symphonic dance music and mystical lyrics? New Age funk? Progressive disco? Seal belongs to that strain of maverick, slightly ...

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