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Shamen, The

Shamen, The


The Shamen: Raga Rockin' Out

Report and Interview by Push, Melody Maker, January 1987

THE MAN HAS become the bane of my life. He telephones me every day, usually more than once. I meet him in the haze of ...

The Shamen, Spacemen 3: Dingwalls, London

Live Review by Robin Gibson, Sounds, July 1987

"ECSTASY IS good for you" asserts the slogan on The Shamen's bass guitar. But in the murk of Dingwalls, ecstasy is harder to catch than ...

Shamen Scandal: Angus At The Fungus

Interview by Robin Gibson, Sounds, February 1988

The hip hop psychedelia of Aberdeen's THE SHAMEN probably has its roots in the mushrooms that grow in abundance along the North East coast. ROBIN GIBSON sips ...

The Shamen: In Gorbachev We Trust (Demon)

Review by Ian Gittins, Melody Maker, February 1989

THE SHAMEN may indeed, as Steve Sutherland said, be a band whose time has come. For over three years now they've been drilling away, obsessed ...

No Right To Party: Acid House

Report by Mark Sinker, New Statesman, April 1990

2005 note: Unforgivable as actual real journalism – I made no effort to represent the anti-drug position – this still works as a snapshot of ...

The Shamen: En-Tact (One Little Indian)

Review by Stephen Dalton, Vox, November 1990

THE PHUTURE is now. The Shamen once riffed and jangled in anoraks, got into splintered hip-hop iconoclasm for the magnificent In Gorbachev We Trust album ...

The Shamen: Mission Control

Profile and Interview by Mat Snow, Q, November 1990

The Shamen switched orbits from the doomed indie rock circuit, re-entering as dancedelic house cosmonauts with a mobile ‘interactive’ club show. Mat Snow steps cautiously ...

The Shamen: Up Yer Arsenal!

Report by David Stubbs, Melody Maker, October 1992

Fiddling with their jockstraps, lacing up their boots, THE SHAMEN face the Gooners at Highbury and come away with a 0-0 draw. DAVID STUBBS joins ...


Overview by Mark Dery, Keyboard, April 1993

TECHNO. THE name sounds at once monolithic and impersonal, the acronym of a multinational conglomerate, and toylike, as in brightly colored plastic Lego blocks. ...

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