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Trammps, The

Trammps, The


Can't Hold Back Trammps

Profile by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, November 1975

WITH 'Hold Back The Night' literally one step away from topping the British soul charts, now is the ideal time to trace back the long ...

The Trammps: Zing Went Bummie And The Bums

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, February 1976

THIS FEATURE could so easily have been devoted to – wait for it! – Bummie & the Bums! Who is this Bummie character I can ...

Best Dressed Trammps You Ever Did See

Interview by John Abbey, David Nathan, Blues & Soul, August 1977

"WE FEEL that maybe this one is going to go straight to the top!" exclaims Harold 'Doc' Wade, one member of the five-member Trammps who ...

How Chaplin Helped Give Birth To The Trammps

Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, June 1978

The re-release of 'Disco Inferno', by way of its success in Saturday Night Fever, could give Trammps their first gold disc. B&S talks to Earl ...

The Trammps: Disco's Favourite Sons

Report and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, August 1979

IF THERE is such a thing as disco-land's favourite group, then that would surely have to be Trammps – five young men from Philadelphia who ...

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