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Unit 4+2

Unit 4+2


Unit 4+2: Unit With The Crazy Nicknames

Interview by David Griffiths, Record Mirror, March 1965

UNIT FOUR Plus 2. A bit cumbersome as a title? Ah, but remember the man who pioneered ball point pens in America just after World ...

Unit 4+2

Report and Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, April 1965

MY NEW disc will be issued in mid-April! I'm being backed by Buster Meikle, Humble Garwood, Pigmy Halliday, Lem Lubin, Count Moules and Sweat Moeller. ...

The Rolling Stones, Percy Sledge et al: The Week's New Singles

Review by Peter Jones, Record Mirror, May 1966

Plenty of tips, including a new Stones. Many follow-ups which aren't marvellous, and some outsiders, including Percy Sledge and Jimmy James and the Vagabonds ...

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