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New Music News

New Music News

New Music News, subtitled "The Independent Rock Weekly" was launched in May 1980 and closed in the same year.

Blondie: Dinner With Blondie... and William Burroughs

Interview by Victor Bockris, New Music News, May 1980

2010 NOTE: I taped this dinner party for William Burroughs, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein for my book With William Burroughs: A Report from the ...

Tippa Irie: The Double Life

Interview by Sean O'Hagan, New Music News, September 1986

TIPPA IRIE, wide boy wonder and cultural chameleon, now finds himself torn between reggae's dub-swamped dance-halls and the glitterdome. SEAN O'HAGAN risks an ear in the rapid fire ...

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