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Paste magazine, published in Avondale Estates, Georgia, was founded as a quarterly music and entertainment magazine in July 2002, moving to a monthly magazine with its August 2006 issue. It ceased publication in August 2010. A digital edition,, continues.

Drive-By Truckers: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of the Redneck Warrior Poets of Rock 'n' Roll

Profile and Interview by Steve LaBate, Paste, 2004

TEN, NINE... This is a story about rock 'n' roll. ...

Wilco: A Ghost Is Born

Review by Steve LaBate, Paste, 2004

SO HOW DO YOU follow the dense, experimental, critically worshipped Yankee Hotel Foxtrot? The latest version of Wilco answers with an overwhelming, at times postmodern ...

The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks: Brian Wilson Remembers How to Smile

Report and Interview by Geoffrey Himes, Paste, October 2004

WHAT would have happened if, as planned, The Beach Boys had released the Smile album in the summer of 1967? For starters, people would have ...

Doves: When Doves Cry

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Paste, April 2005

JIMI GOODWIN, the affable and bearded bassist-singer with Mancunian trio Doves, leans forward in his seat for an endearing moment of honesty. ...

Mofro: The Pageant, St. Louis, Mo.

Live Review by Kandia Crazy Horse, Paste, June 2005

PERHAPS THE RED, white and blue spotlights at St. Louis's Pageant should've served as trickster clues. Or the snide remark of a toasted, aging frat ...

Shakira: Fijación Oral, Vol. 1 (Epic)

Review by Mark Kemp, Paste, August 2005

Beyond the Belly: Colombian songstress trumps lazy stereotypes with raw talent ...

John Lennon: The Vulnerable Beatle: John Lennon's Narrative-like Solo Catalog Tailor-made for Digital Delivery

Retrospective by Mark Kemp, Paste, October 2007

ONE OF THE MORE telling songs in John Lennon's solo catalog is the tender 'Look at Me.' Not the well-scrubbed version on his first album, ...

Johnny Cash: Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison (Legacy Edition)

Review by Mark Kemp, Paste, October 2008

IN THE DOCUMENTARY included with this new edition of Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, daughter Rosanne shatters the mythology surrounding her dad, gently bringing him ...

Radiohead: Pablo Honey, The Bends, OK Computer (reissues)

Retrospective by Mark Kemp, Paste, March 2009

WHILE THE BRITISH PRESS argued over whether Oasis' Definitely Maybe or Blur's Parklife would be the savior of mid-'90s U.K. rock, Radiohead sneaked a spanner ...

The Brill Building Sound

Retrospective by Steven R Rosen, Paste, August 2011

WHEN DON MCLEAN'S "American Pie" was released in late 1971, everyone tried to analyze what he meant by "the day the music died." McLean was ...

Dr. John: Locked Down

Review by Holly Gleason, Paste, April 2012

TO LIVE AND BREATHE in the sketchiest part of the hustle and flow, to let go... to get saved and find a funky kind ...

Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker: Camper Van Beethoven: California Dreamin'

Report and Interview by Geoffrey Himes, Paste, January 2013

DAVID LOWERY is the lead singer and chief lyricist for two well-known rock bands: Camper Van Beethoven, which he co-founded in 1983, and Cracker, which ...

Frank Ocean: New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans

Live Review by Geoffrey Himes, Paste, May 2013

FRANK OCEAN has not only created a new kind of R&B album for the hip-hop era, but he's also creating a new kind of R&B ...

Janelle Monáe: Imagining Her Own Future

Interview by Geoffrey Himes, Paste, September 2013

CINDI MAYWEATHER is the central character in Janelle Monáe's last three recordings: the 2008 EP Metropolis, the 2010 album The ArchAndroid, and this month's album, ...

Jesse Winchester: An Appreciation

Obituary by Geoffrey Himes, Paste, April 2014

FOR 10 YEARS, from 1967 to 1977, Jesse Winchester couldn't set foot in the United States, the nation where he had lived until he was ...

Justin Townes Earle: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Report and Interview by Geoffrey Himes, Paste, January 2015

JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE released Single Mothers, one of the best albums of 2014, just four months ago in September. This week he's back with another ...

Sleater-Kinney: Punk Lyrics: Shortening The Line

Comment by Geoffrey Himes, Paste, March 2015

A LOT OF GOOD THINGS are happening on Sleater-Kinney's first album in ten years, but I want to talk about one aspect that often gets ...

Jason Isbell: Making the Ordinary Exceptional

Report and Interview by Geoffrey Himes, Paste, July 2015

JASON ISBELL'S new album Something More Than Free had to be different from his last one. Southeastern, his 2013 release, was born out of the ...

Ashley Monroe, Kasey Musgraves: The Ladies Used to Love Outlaws, Now The Ladies Are Outlaws

Report by Geoffrey Himes, Paste, September 2015

"LADIES LOVE OUTLAWS," Waylon Jennings sang in 1972, "like babies love stray dogs." Jennings was boasting. He presented himself as a desperado and would soon ...

Guy Clark: Remembering Guy Clark, The Craftsman

Obituary by Geoffrey Himes, Paste, May 2016

GUY CLARK'S favorite place was the basement of his West Nashville home, where he painstakingly hand-built flamenco guitars and hand-built songs with the same exacting ...

Percy Mayfield: The Poet of the Blues

Retrospective by Geoffrey Himes, Paste, June 2016

WHO IS THE most underrated songwriter of the rock 'n' roll era? Percy Mayfield. ...

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