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Morrissey & I

Interview by Dave DiMartino, Raygun, March 1994

THE FIRST TIME I met Morrissey was nine years ago, when the thin, seemingly mild-mannered singer was slightly in need of a shave; when he ...

Björk: An International Word

Interview by Andrew Smith, Raygun, May 1995

HER HOUSE is set back from the street, on a wide avenue in Maida Vale. A pair of imposing, wrought iron security gates shield it ...

Mudhoney: Tomorrow Hit Today

Review by Andria Lisle, Raygun, October 1998

OVER THE PAST TEN YEARS, I've endured a recurring theme in my late night dreams: the Rolling Stones, finally realizing the vapid decline of their ...

XTC: English Settlement: The Rise and Fall and Rise of XTC

Profile and Interview by JoE Silva, Raygun, January 1999

After surviving legal entanglement, personnel losses and numerous bouts of bad luck, XTC return with their first new album in seven years. Joe Silva ventures ...

The Grifters, Those Bastard Souls: Bastards No More: Life After Grifting

Interview by Andria Lisle, Raygun, July 1999

The Grifters’ David Shouse seeks redemption with THOSE BASTARDS SOULS. ...

Guided By Voices: Do The Collapse (TVT)

Review by Andria Lisle, Raygun, August 1999

GUIDED BY VOICES’ Bob Pollard has reinvented his rock’n’roll vision, trading his home recording ethos for a slick pop sound. This aesthetic change reflects other ...

Royal Trux: Veterans of Disorder

Review by Andria Lisle, Raygun, October 1999

Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema, the "Glimmer Twins" of Royal Trux, have packed a lot of living into the past decade – including heroin abuse ...

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