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Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham: Lindsey Buckingham: A Pop Renegade

Interview by David Gans, Record, The, April 1982

AS THE NEXT Fleetwood Mac album nears completion, Lindsey Buckingham is faced with divided interests. Much of the responsibility for the success or failure of ...

Fleetwood Mac: Where's Stevie?

Interview by David Gans, Record, The, September 1982

FANTASY ISLAND, Ca. – On the kitchen table in Mick Fleetwood's Malibu mansion sits a model of the stage design for Fleetwood Mac's upcoming American ...

Crosby and Nash, Danny Kortchmar, Don Henley: Danny Kortchmar: The Standup Rocker

Interview by Dave Zimmer, Record, The, March 1983

"I HATE folk music, I always have," snaps Danny Kortchmar. Such a revelation is surprising, in view of the fact that Kortchmar (aka "Kootch") has ...

Bob Marley & the Wailers: Confronting Marley’s Legacy

Retrospective by Carol Cooper, Record, The, September 1983

NEW YORK – King Tut was playing Munich when I arrived in January of 1981 to pay my last respects to Bob Marley. I remember ...

The Clash, Van Halen: US Festival ’83: No More In ‘84

Report by John Mendelsohn, Record, The, Summer 1983

AFTER PUNK, audiences weren’t supposed to pay large amounts of money anymore for the privilege of watching superstars from the length of a football field ...

The Long Ryders: Long Ryders Renovating Byrdsland

Interview by Bud Scoppa, Record, The, April 1984

Los Angeles — Sid Griffin, 27-year-old guitarist and founding member of the Long Ryders, machine-guns opinions as well as he emulates the onstage moves of ...

The Clash: The Mouth That Roared: The Return of The Clash

Report and Interview by John Mendelsohn, Record, The, June 1984

Joe Strummer announces the Clash’s comeback in no uncertain terms. ...

The Alarm: Tracking The New Inspirationals: The Alarm

Report and Interview by John Mendelsohn, Record, The, June 1984

THEIR MOVEMENT MAY be said to have been born on the smoggy Labor Day afternoon in 1983 when U2’s Bono climbed to the top of ...

Joe Jackson: No Room For Rock

Interview by Chris Salewicz, Record, The, July 1984

On a Friday evening in an undistinguished bar in Manhattan’s East Village, a drunk slides off his stool and onto the floor, where he curls ...

Don Henley, The Eagles: Don Henley in Conversation

Interview by Bud Scoppa, Record, The, 1986

YOU'RE DON HENLEY. You spent the '70s behind a drum kit as a part of the Eagles, the quintessential American band of the era. Millions ...

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