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Smokey Robinson: Cruisin' with Smokey

Interview by Dave Marsh, Record Magazine, August 1983

In an exclusive interview, the master of the romantic vignette-in-song gets into some nuts-and-bolts talk about the creative process and gets down with some vintage ...

Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant: Robert Plant: Into The Light

Interview by John Hutchinson, Record Magazine, September 1983

Led Zeppelin now a fond but distant memory, Robert Plant turns his attention towards a new solo album, a new band and a world tour ...

James Jamerson: What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?

Comment by Dave Marsh, Record Magazine, November 1983

"I walk in shadows, searching for light, Cold and alone, no comfort in sight. Hoping and praying for someone who'll care, Always moving and going ...

John Mellencamp

Profile and Interview by Deborah Frost, Record Magazine, December 1983

THE YOUNG black television executive standing on the steps of the Indiana University Auditorium is nervous. Like the camera crew assembled in front of him, ...

The Rolling Stones: Rolling Stones: Undercover

Review by Anthony DeCurtis, Record Magazine, 1984

VIOLENCE OF both sexual and political nature is never more than a shout away on Undercover, the Rolling Stones' first studio LP since 1981's much ...

R.E.M.: An Open Party

Interview by Anthony DeCurtis, Record Magazine, June 1984

R.E.M.'s Hip American Dream ...

Marvin Gaye: No-One Quite Like Him

Obituary by Dave Marsh, Record Magazine, July 1984

Blessed with a cool born of control rather than emotional distance or reserve, Marvin Gaye was the artist who best expressed Motown's mix of disparate ...

Berlin, Missing Persons: Missing Persons and Berlin: Bimbo Rock

Profile and Interview by David Gans, Record Magazine, September 1984

Missing Persons and Berlin are less than the sum of their parts, so to speak ...

Twisted Sister: Twisted Logic (I'd Say Severely Bent)

Report and Interview by David Gans, Record Magazine, December 1984

IT IS A fundamental conceit of Heavy Metal that teenagers are a great oppressed underclass, forced to take out garbage, load dishwashers and do homework ...

King Crimson, Robert Fripp: Robert Fripp: The 21st Century Man Sounds Off

Profile and Interview by Mark Dery, Record Magazine, November 1985

HE BEGAN, by his own admission, tone deaf and with "no sense of rhythm." He is a spit-shined, manicured man whose "best subjects at school ...

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