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Sydney Morning Herald

You Am I in NYC

Report and Interview by Mark Mordue, Sydney Morning Herald, December 1998

KENNETH BRANAGH at a You Am I gig?! I had to look twice. It turned out to be an ostrich-like version, but that's New York ...

Bob Dylan: Chronicles: Volume One

Book Review by Toby Creswell, Sydney Morning Herald, November 2004

THERE'S NO WAY that Bob Dylan, after all this time, is going to spill the beans on his life. The high priest of protest makes ...

Bob Dylan: Dylan on Dylan edited by Jonathan Cott

Book Review by Mark Mordue, Sydney Morning Herald, June 2006

LATELY I've begun to think that Bob Dylan does not exist. That the boy who made him up might still be dreaming. And we are ...

Radio Birdman: Birds of a Feather Rock Together

Retrospective and Interview by Anthony O'Grady, Sydney Morning Herald, July 2007

THERE ARE two general categories of musicians in Halls of Fame – the supremely successful sellers of concerts and records, and those who pave the ...

Patti Smith: Just Kids

Book Review by Mark Mordue, Sydney Morning Herald, April 2010

ART can set us free. Art is holy. Art is love. ...

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