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Unicorn Times

Unicorn Times

Unicorn Times was published in Washington DC, between 1973 and 1980 and focused on folk, southern rock, blues and bluegrass music.

Shaun Cassidy, The Damned, The Dictators, Eddie & The Hot Rods, The Hollywood Stars, The Sex Pistols, Snatch, Ultravox, Venus & the Razorblades: New Releases: The Kids Err Alright

Review by Howard Wuelfing, Unicorn Times, July 1977

REMEMBER "PUNK ROCK?" For a while there it was the supreme hip misconception — a much abused catch-all referring in general to any sort of ...

The Band, Rick Danko: Danko: Happy With His Band — And The Band

Report and Interview by Geoffrey Himes, Unicorn Times, February 1978

THE LIGHTS went down at the Cellar Door and the disembodied voice purred: "Please welcome to our stage, Arista recording artists the Rick Danko Group." ...

Blondie, Shaun Cassidy, Iggy Pop, Suicide, The Vibrators: New Albums: Best at the Theft — Suicide Outclasses Blondie

Review by Howard Wuelfing, Unicorn Times, March 1978

AMONG OUTSIDERS, the paramount issues of the punk/new wave movement revolve around stuff like clothing styles, politics, and the effect of massive success on a ...

Warren Zevon: Excitable Boy (Asylum 6E-118)

Review by Geoffrey Himes, Unicorn Times, April 1978

The Excitable Warren Zevon: Accidently Like a Rock Star ...

Pere Ubu: Punching the Music Time Clock

Interview by Howard Wuelfing, Unicorn Times, May 1978

IF A TELEPHONE pole gets toppled by lightning and no one hears it hit pavement, was there indeed any sound of "thud?" Yeah, don't be ...

The Rolling Stones: Stones Still Hungry After All These Years

Review by Geoffrey Himes, Unicorn Times, July 1978

THE ROLLING STONES first crawled into our collective hearts as a teenage working class street punk band. And now, here are Keith Richard and Mick ...

Minor Threat: 9:30 Club, Washington DC

Live Review by Howard Wuelfing, Unicorn Times, June 1982

THEY RAGED; they soared; they conquered. In fact, the reformed Minor Threat very nearly surpassed the grotesquely high expectations everybody held for them on this, ...

Nils Lofgren: Thirteen Views Of Nils Lofgren

Interview by Charles Bermant, Unicorn Times, December 1983

NILS LOFGREN'S LIFE can best be described by a poignant line from 'Like Rain', a song he wrote in his teens that he will probably ...

T-Bone Burnett's Chapter and Verse

Interview by Charles Bermant, Unicorn Times, March 1984

T-BONE BURNETT STRIDES onstage alone, immediately sitting at the piano. He seems to strike a few soulful chords, wincing at every sound. He stands up, ...

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