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The Birthday Party, Nick Cave, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Nick Cave: Worshipping The Son

Interview by Cathi Unsworth, Sounds, November 1990

For the second of our special Fan Files, we look at Nick Cave, the singer who's so damn slinky and shaggable that even women want ...

Record Collections of Shame

Essay by Danny Baker, Q, December 1991

EVER SINCE the Medved Brothers published their Fifty Worst Movies Of All Time, it's been a cinch that a similar, meatier job has been going ...

Morrissey, The Smiths: Morrissey and The Smiths: There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends

Retrospective by Dave Thompson, Goldmine, March 1994

IN JUNE 1984, Rolling Stone journalist James Henke asked Britain's latest rising superstar, Smiths vocalist Morrissey, for his opinions on the British Prime Minister, Margaret ...

The Clash: Vanilla Tapes

Report and Interview by Fred Mills, Harp, November 2004

THE VANILLA material is clearly aimed at Clash collectors who routinely snap up underground recordings of the band. As Simonon himself freely volunteered, he’s not ...

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeves: The Lost Art of the Mix Tape

Memoir by Sean O'Hagan, Observer, The, January 2007

LAST WEEK, while preparing to write this piece, I did something I have not done for a long time. I made a compilation tape. Back ...

Undisputed Heavyweight Champions of the Mix Tape: 30 Years of Transatlantic Friendship on Cassette!

Memoir by Mark Leviton, Rock's Backpages, August 2009

MY ENGLISH FRIEND Neil and I have one of the longest, strangest, and most voluminous correspondences in the history of the world – a correspondence ...

Stars and Girls

Comment by Jude Rogers, House, Spring 2010

They may be sneered at by serious music fans, but boy bands have provided a gateway into womanhood for generations of young females… ...

The Beatles: I Was A Beatlemaniac

Retrospective by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, May 2013

I DIDN'T GET Elvis because I didn't get sex. Well, that was 1956 and I was eight. But The Beatles… ...

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