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Space Rock

Pink Floyd: 'We Feel Good' Say The Pink Floyd

Interview by Derek Boltwood, Record Mirror, October 1967

LITTLE DID Mike Leonard know, during the second half of the nineteen-forties, that the experiments he was making in a new art form he was ...

Pink Floyd: Electric Chaos, But Just Great

Report and Interview by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, January 1972

Tony Stewart at the debut of Pink Floyd's new masterpiece. ...

Hawkwind: The Truth About Hawkwind

Interview by James Johnson, New Musical Express, February 1972

LIKE THEM or not, you must admit that Hawkwind are honest. Guitarist Dave Brock is not loath to admit that most of the band's musicians ...

Pink Floyd (part 1): 'Things Just Somehow Happen To Us — We Don't Plan'

Interview by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, February 1972

SIX YEARS ago an evening with Pink Floyd resembled a riot, with bottles, glasses and verbal abuse being hurled in their direction. ...

Pink Floyd (part 2): Simple But Not Banal

Interview by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, February 1972

LAST WEEK, NICK Mason talked at length about the evolution of Pink Floyd up to the Atom Heart Mother stage. The policy of the band ...

Hawkwind: Cosmic Calypso And Sonic Surprise

Report and Interview by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, November 1972

UNLESS YOU'RE DEAF, dumb and blind, or alternatively haven't been keeping up with the music press, you will know that Hawkwind embark this week upon ...

Amon Düül, Hawkwind, Pink Floyd: The Future Will Happen This Year: Space Rock

Overview by Greg Shaw, Phonograph Record, March 1973

RIGHT NOW we're gonna go back, way back, back before there was FM radio, quadrasonic sound, mellotrons, or any of the other futuristic trappings that ...

Hawkwind: Academy of Music, New York NY

Live Review by Ian Dove, New York Times, The, November 1973

Britain's Hawkwind Gives Earthy Rock The Cosmic Touch ...

Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett: A Nice Pair — The Pink Floyd LPs That Failed

Overview by Stephen Demorest, Circus, February 1974

They finally became stars on their ninth album, The Dark Side of the Moon, but they were first led around to the dark side of the psyche ...

Hawkwind: The Regular 'Wind Miracle

Report by Mick Farren, New Musical Express, November 1974

NEW YORK just doesn't seem to be the place for Hawkwind. ...

Hawkwind: Hall Of The Mountain Grill (United Artists)

Review by Ira Robbins, Zoo World, December 1974

FOR THEIR first four albums, public approval of Hawkwind was in direct proportion to how seriously one considered the music. The question of quality or ...

Pink Floyd: Vancouver, BC; Seattle WA; San Francisco CA

Live Review by David Rensin, Sounds, May 1975

Trapped on the Moon ...

Pink Floyd: Los Angeles Sports Arena

Live Review by David Rensin, Rolling Stone, June 1975

Space Rock: Floydian Slip ...

Hawkwind: Space Rock with Humor

Report and Interview by Jim Sullivan, Boston Globe, The, November 1990

CULT BANDS tend to suffer the slings and arrows of the non-believers, and Hawkwind, perhaps England's quintessential cult band, knows it better than most. They've ...

Odysseys and Oddities: Jon Savage compiles the definitive Space-Rock Tape

Guide by Jon Savage, MOJO, March 1995

MUSIC AND THE cosmos have a special relationship, bound by mathematics, spirituality and that basic human need to get out there. Just as important as ...

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