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Archie Patterson

"Eurock" has become a trade name analogous with Archie Patterson's work over the years. Its beginnings were as a FM radio show in 1971 in Central California. In 1973, it morphed into a musical "fanzine". Subsequent to that throughout the mid 1970's he headed up two of the first international import retail mail-order businesses - Intergalactic Trading Company and Paradox Music Mailorder. During the 1980's he consulted on film scores in LA, including compiling source tapes for Michael Mann that resulted in Tangerine Dream doing the music score for his film Thief, as well as teaching music history classes at a public high school for five years called "Roots of Rock".

From 1973 through 1992 Archie published 45 issues of Eurock. They read like a veritable who's who of experimental alternative music... name bands and the obscure were ALL covered in Eurock... as it was happening. In 1996 Archie produced the 5-CD box set Supernatural Fairy Tales for Rhino Records, chronicling "The Progressive Rock Era", 1967- 1976.

In 2000, he published a multi-media CD-ROM, written/ audio/ video documentation of his work and the Euro scene entitled The Golden Age. In late 2002, he published the Book of Eurock. It contains interviews, articles and reviews written for the most part when the music was in its heyday in the 1970s and 1980s. It colorfully captures the writer's sense of discovery, excitement, confusion, even disappointment, as they respond to the flood of new names, releases and paraphernalia of a movement in the making. In that sense, it is a cultural history as experienced through the music of a generation. The book's later chapters contain interviews done in the 1990's and 2000/02, with many new and old artists who continue to this day exploring the edges of the mainstream in music and commerce. In effect the books later chapters tie together the past, present and future into a continuous thread Archie interprets as a "Second Culture".

Since Archie bought his first record in 1958 the world has changed radically. Continuing his tradition of exploration, new aspects of Eurock are being developed that could not have even been imagined back in 1971. The creation of a Eurock LIVE Podcast is opening up new musical vistas including soon audio/ visual Eurock podcasts. This will allow him to offer up a sampling of his entire library accumulated over more than 50 years to the new generation of iPod people. Last but not least, blogging plans include more writing that conveys Archie’s own highly personalized perspective on life and his long love affair with music that spans the entire spectrum of rock and beyond.

A. Patterson/EUROCK
P.O. Box 13718
Portland, OR 97213 USA



List of articles in the library by artist

Can's Malcolm Mooney (1980)

Interview by Archie Patterson, Eurock, 1980

Can's first singer Malcolm Mooney talks about joining Can, the writing and recording process, gigging with Stockhausen, and the decline of his mental health and ultimate breakdown.

File format: mp3; file size: 56.1mb, interview length: 1h 01' 40" sound quality: ***

Can: D.A.M.O. Interview

Interview by Archie Patterson, Eurock, 2002

DURING THE MONTH of October Damo Suzuki and band made a short tour of the US in support of the excellent new album Odyssey. They ...

Can: Malcolm R. Mooney: An Interview

Interview by Archie Patterson, Eurock, 1983

WITHOUT A DOUBT Germany's Can was one of the pioneering groups of what has become known today as EuroRock. Malcolm Mooney, a black American, was ...

Guru Guru, Uli Trepte: Uli Trepte

Interview by Archie Patterson, Eurock, September 1977

"Making music in the long run is a matter of character, not talent" – U.T. ...

The Move at the Fillmore West, October 1969

Retrospective by Archie Patterson, Rock's Backpages, April 2009

THE PAST COUPLE years have been like heaven for those in the Move musical fandom community. Rob Caiger of Face the Music spent years searching ...

Elliott Murphy (2009)

Interview by Archie Patterson, Rock's Backpages, December 2009

The man who bore the weight of being the "New Dylan" in the mid-'70s looks back at his early days, his move to Europe, and brings us up to date with where he's at in the 21st century

File format: mp3; file size: 20.9mb; Interview length: 22' 52"; sound quality: ***

Nico: Nico Icon: Directed by Susanne Ofteringer

Film/DVD/TV Review by Archie Patterson, Rock's Backpages, December 2012

NICO DIED ALMOST 25 years ago yet the impact of her music lives on. Her work has influenced countless other people's music. The film Nico ...

Savage Rose: An Interview

Interview by Archie Patterson, Eurock, 2002

ONE OF MY EARLIEST Euro-rock discoveries was the Danish band Savage Rose. Their first album to be released in the USA was In The Plain, ...

Wigwam, Mark 1

Retrospective by Archie Patterson, Eurock, 1976

THE RECORDINGS OF Wigwam are perhaps among the world's unknown musical treasures. In their first incarnation, they produced five of the most imaginative rock albums ...

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