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Black Sabbath: Sabbath Ready To Rejoin The Rock Machine

Interview by Dick Meadows, Sounds, January 1972

IN THE black art of rock and roll Sabbath are masters. But the business of fame takes its toll in terms of exhaustion and it ...

Black Sabbath: Town Hall, Birmingham

Live Review by Dick Meadows, Sounds, February 1972

Sabbath: The Old Firm Are Back Home ...

Jimi Hendrix, Terry Reid: Mitch Mitchell in the Talk-In

Interview by Dick Meadows, Sounds, December 1971

I FIRST SAW the Jimi Hendrix Experience in a cramped Norfolk cellar club. Then the coloured guy with the frizzed-out hair was a nobody in ...

Tonto's Expanding Head Band: Zero Time (Embryo)

Review by Dick Meadows, Sounds, October 1971

AT FIRST sight this is an album to put fear into the hearts of stronger men than me. After all, two whole sides of Moog ...

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