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Jane Solanas

Jane Solanas is a pseudonym for Jane Suck

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The Cure: Two-Headed Monster: The Cure: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (Fiction)

Review by Jane Solanas, NME, May 1987

HEAD FOR THE HILLS, it's the return of the double album! ...

Depeche Mode: Basildon Bondage: Depeche Mode: Music For The Masses (Mute)

Review by Jane Solanas, NME, October 1987

PERSONALLY, I couldn't care less whether The Pet Shop Boys are gay or not. What I want to know is, are Depeche Mode perves? ...

Kate Bush: The Barmy Dreamer

Interview by Jane Solanas, NME, October 1983

Kate Bush has moulded herself in an icon of pop erotica — so much that suburban couples claim her breasts stimulate their love making. Yet ...

The Psychedelic Furs: Malice Through The Looking Glass: Psychedelic Furs: Mirror Moves (CBS)

Review by Jane Solanas, NME, May 1984

THE RETURN of the underdogs. Castigated, laughed at… they flew to New York, where Butler quit drinking, attacked the museli bowl and kissed his girlfriend. ...

The Sugarcubes, The Very Things: The Very Things/The Sugarcubes: Camden Workers Social Club, London

Live Review by Jane Solanas, NME, October 1987

IT WAS A pretty respectable turnout considering that the Camden Workers Social Club is hardly a familiar location for gigs. ...

Velvet Underground: Oh God, Not The Bloody Velvets Again!

Report by Jane Solanas, NME, April 1986

Fingers on the "Record" button… Rock's most name-dropped group, THE VELVET UNDERGROUND have finally arrived in the high brow world of The South Bank Show. ...

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