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Jon Wilde

Jon Wilde

Kidnapped by gypsies in infancy, Jon Wilde was all set for a career as a professional footballer until a painful toe injury put paid to all that. Instead he has enjoyed a long and varied career in journalism, specialising in interviews with the world’s leading hell-raisers including Dennis Hopper, Richard Harris, George Best, Keith Richards and Harvey Keitel.

The publications he has written for include Sounds, Melody Maker, Blitz, Loaded, Marie Claire, The Guardian, Esquire, GQ and The Independent.

He currently writes for Live Magazine (Mail On Sunday), The Guardian and Sabotage Times.

Now 52, Jon lives in Hove with his dog Banjo. His favourite work of art is Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks.


List of articles in the library by artist

Al Green: God Is Love

Interview by Jon Wilde, Blitz, September 1988

Al Green believes in the power of love. But most of all, he believes in the power of God. ...

Chris Isaak: Only The Lonely: Chris Isaak: Wicked Game (WEA)

Review by Jon Wilde, Melody Maker, January 1991

"You can hold yourself back from the suffering of the world: this is something you are free to do and is in accord with your ...

Cliff Richard: The World According to Cliff

Interview by Jon Wilde, Blitz, September 1987

EXACTLY THIRTY YEARS AGO, Harry Rodger Webb was stripped of his prefect's badge for playing truant from school and going to a cinema in Edmonton ...

Frank Sinatra: The Godfather Of Swing: Frank Sinatra: The Capitol Years (Capitol)

Review by Jon Wilde, Melody Maker, January 1991

"HEY KIDS, dig the first takes/Ain't that some interpretation/When Sinatra sings against Nelson Riddle strings/Then takes a vacation" (Van Morrison: 'Hard Nose The Highway') ...

Al Green: Heaven Up Here: Al Green: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Jon Wilde, Melody Maker, July 1988

WHAT WAS I saying about letting the shiver do all the work? Just the other day? Oh me, oh my. Al Green, The Last Soul ...

Happy Mondays: Vile Bodies

Interview by Jon Wilde, Melody Maker, November 1988

In Manchester "shit" means great. Yet a year after Happy Mondays' shit debut album, Squirrel And G-Man, some critics have already written off the band. ...

Jane's Addiction: Over The Top

Interview by Jon Wilde, Melody Maker, October 1988


Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones: Keith Richards Interviewed

Interview by Jon Wilde, Sabotage Times, June 2013

Long before Johnny Depp based Captain Jack on him, Keith Richards was just the pirate blues chief of the Rolling Stones. And not averse to ...

Roy Orbison: The Big O

Retrospective and Interview by Jon Wilde, Blitz, February 1989

Roy Orbison's death in December 1988 brought an abrupt end to the career of one rock's most enduring and extraordinary performers. Just over eighteen months ...

Dolly Parton: The Jon Wilde Interview

Interview by Jon Wilde, Uncut, January 2005

WILDE: People were writing you off a few years ago. Did you start to believe your time was finally up? ...

The Pixies: Tyranny And Mutation

Interview by Jon Wilde, Melody Maker, August 1990

A PIXIES album that isn't drenched in murder, mutilation, death, crucifixion, blood, evil and barbarism? It's hard to imagine, but that's exactly what the band ...

Public Enemy: Shoot-Out In The Fantasy Factory

Interview by Jon Wilde, Melody Maker, November 1987

Public Enemy have been hailed as hip hop's hardest hardliners. Jonh Wilde joined them on tour to discover the sense and nonsense behind their no-holds-barred ...

Smokey Robinson: My Date With Smokey

Interview by Jon Wilde, Sabotage Times, March 2011

On his seventieth birthday William "Smokey" Robinson grants exclusive access to Jon Wilde to talk cocaine, the roots of Motown and why The Stones still ...

The Stone Roses: Bonfire of the Inanities

Interview by Jon Wilde, Melody Maker, December 1989

When The Maker put Ian Brown and his reluctant heroes on the cover six months ago, they were regarded as just another bunch of hopefuls. ...

The Stranglers: Whatever Happened To The Heroes

Interview by Jon Wilde, Mail On Sunday, July 2006

JEAN-JACQUES BURNEL is happily reminiscing about his days on punk's frontline with The Stranglers. "The one thing I couldn't stand was the spitting," he says. ...

U2: Let There Be Satellite: U2: Earl's Court, London

Live Review by Jon Wilde, Melody Maker, June 1992

THE ROOM IS SPINNING. U2 are detonating 'Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World'. Bono, doing a passable imitation of the Lord's Anointed, swanks ...

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