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Lesley White

Lesley White

Born in London.  First job in 1982 was emptying the bins, manning reception and editing the Intro pages of The Face. I got it  by hanging around Brighton clubs and interviewing  any performer who stood still long enough to be asked a question, and bombarding the great Nick Logan with the written-up interviews. In the end he couldn’t take it any more. From there it’s been 30 years of downhill all the way, interviewing actors, writers, prime ministers, via some of the titles listed below. I live in Northwest London, with a husband and a ten year-old son. 

Elle, Tatler, Arena, Frank, Marie Claire, Red, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, The Mail On Sunday, The Sunday Times 1991 -2012, Mr Porter

List of articles in the library by artist

Carmel: Oh Perfect Day

Interview by Lesley White, Face, The, September 1983

CARMEL MCCOURT is a stylish blonde singer of 24 with a voice as dark as she is fair, as strange as she is straightforward. She ...

Defunkt: This Defunkt Life

Interview by Lesley White, Face, The, August 1982

According to Joe Bowie, only his trombone and his funk-jazz band Defunkt stand between him and the imminent nuclear apocalypse. LESLEY WHITE talks to the ...

Dexys Midnight Runners: Fact And Fiction

Interview by Lesley White, Face, The, September 1982

THE FACE turned down an offer to interview Kevin Rowland earlier in the summer because of unacceptable preconditions which were later withdrawn. Last in line ...

Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Holly Go Lightly

Interview by Lesley White, Face, The, June 1989

AS LUNCH DATES with professionally outrageous people go, mine with Holly Johnson — upstairs and upstairs again at L'escargot — was an affair of studied ...

Haircut 100: Haircut One Hundred

Interview by Lesley White, Face, The, June 1982

Fashion à la Haircut is the cult of the cleancut, the art of the casual towel, the incidental bow tie and the perpetual smile... ...

The Human League: The Face Interview: Phil Oakey

Interview by Lesley White, Face, The, December 1982

I MET UP with Phil Oakey one wet Sheffield Wednesday afternoon over coffee and a Tupperware box of assorted chocolate biscuits, in the Formica-finished kitchen ...

Imagination: Work That Body!

Interview by Lesley White, Face, The, September 1982

Suitably softened up by his workout with four year-old Twinkle, IMAGINATION'S extrovert frontman picks himself up off the floor for an interview with LESLEY WHITE ...

Robert Palmer: Some Guys Have All The Hits

Interview by Lesley White, Face, The, March 1983

It's hard to be a superstar in today's tough musical world. Caught for a long time between ever-changing trends, ROBERT PALMER finally found his blue-eyed ...

The Pretenders: Leather Wears Better Than Dreams

Profile and Interview by Lesley White, Face, The, February 1984

In the last two turbulent years, Chrissie Hynde has had a baby by the man who once personified for her the rock and roll myth, ...

Sade: Glad Day For Sade

Profile and Interview by Lesley White, Face, The, April 1984

Sophisticated jazz, Silk Cut and Jersey. That's Sade Adu. The girl can't help it. The torches have been lit. Profile Lesley White ...

The Style Council: The State of the Nation's dress by Paul Weller

Interview by Lesley White, Face, The, April 1983

"I SUPPOSE PEOPLE find it difficult to penetrate me," offers the pale young man in the white mac, "they're not sure whether I'm really deep ...

UB40: "UB40 is just a normal bunch of blokes. But people ask us heavy political questions"

Interview by Lesley White, Sounds, March 1982

LESLEY WHITE is one of them ...

List of genre pieces

Mods: The Resurrection Of Chad

Report by Lesley White, Face, The, June 1984

For two days the town slept uneasily, anticipating events prophesied by dark whispers in the roadside inns. As the pilgrims gathered by their tents, huddled ...

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