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Lon Goddard

Lon Goddard

photo © Dezo Hoffman/Record Mirror 1967


In 1966, on a lark and just out of high school in Sacramento, California, drove to New York with a friend and hopped a liner for London. Guitar on back, discovered "Les Cousins," the Soho folk centre, met Andy 'Matthews' and began tending the bar, doing occasional performances. Moved around with many original folk artists, lived with Roy Harper & family in Kilburn for a long while, drew Roy's Sophisticated Beggar debut LP cover, played 2nd guitar on tracks, 'October 12th' and 'Goldfish' (also designed gatefold cover for Roy's Flat Baroque & Berserk LP). Lived at social worker Judith Piepe's in Shadwell for a short while. Drafted by US Army, evaded (reprieved in 1976).

Late 1966, wangled a job as weekly caricature artist with Record Mirror, becoming staff layout assistant and eventually writer. Interviewed everybody. Also wrote and illustrated for Cream and Beat Instrumental. 1972, head-hunted by Mike O'Mahoney and Maurice Oberstein to become Chief Press Officer for CBS Records. Got everybody interviewed. 1974, head-hunted by Melody Maker editor Ray Coleman to become editor of sister IPC publication Disc Weekly. Told staff to interview everybody. 1976, left to become head of Press for Phonogram Records. Got interviews for everybody else. 1981, left to become full-time illustrator with art agents Andrew Archer Associates, shortly moving over to Folio art agents of Holborn and remaining there as an artist/illustrator until 1987. Co-wrote paperbacks Movie Brainbusters and TV Brainbusters with author Patrick Humphries for Pete Townshend's Zomba Books.

On another lark, moved everything to Sydney for a year, obtained an art agent, returned to California in 1988 under Aussie immigration department pressure. Illustrated for Tower Records' Pulse magazine, reviewed films for Mick Martin's annual Video Movie Guide. During periods in the UK other than RM and Disc, wrote and illustrated for Melody Maker, Time Out, The Guardian, Financial Times and others, often under the pseuodynm 'Doghouse Riley.'

Now esconced in Oregon, USA, writing, illustrating, acting, hunting down unreleased films & TV, singing/playing in folk duo 'Lon Goddard and Aura Wright.' Let me put this in lead type: I owe it all to famous RM editor Peter Jones and legendary RM rock/pop writer Norman Jopling. Thank you to everyone for a fine 20-years growing up in the music business during 60's-70's prime time England.

List of articles in the library by artist

The Band, Bob Dylan: The Band: Working With Bob

Interview by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, September 1969

JAMIE ROBBIE Robertson, Levon Helm, Richard Manuel, Garth Hudson and Rick Danko are privileged to be five of the closest people to Bob Dylan. They ...

The Beach Boys, Charles Manson, Dennis Wilson: The Continuing Story Of Beach Boy Dennis Wilson

Interview by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, July 1969

...and his house of seventeen women. RM'S Lon Goddard reports from the loo!!! ...

Glen Campbell, Jimmy Webb: "Jimmy Webb Is A Country Boy", Glen Campbell tells R.M.'s Lon Goddard

Interview by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, May 1969

"JIMMY WEBB," explained smooth voiced Glen Campbell, somewhere south of Wichita, but still on the line, "is a likeable easy going country boy. One of ...

Cream, Otis Redding: Otis Redding: Otis Redding in Person at the Whisky A Go Go; Cream: Live At The Fillmore

Review by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, December 1968


Bob Dylan: Nashville Skyline (CBS STEREO 63601)

Review by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, April 1969

'Girl Of The North Country' (with Johnny Cash); 'Nashville Skyline Rag'; 'To Be Alone With You'; 'I Threw It All Away'; 'Peggy Day'; 'Lay Lady ...

Fairport Convention: Unhalfbricking — Is This Word Pornographic?

Profile and Interview by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, August 1969

Lon Goddard from the Underworld ...

Joe Cocker: They Said... It Couldn't Be Done But... Joe Did It!

Interview by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, October 1968

THEY SAID it couldn't be done... couldn't be done... couldn't be done. But Joe Cocker's done it. ...

Elton John: Good Laugh

Interview by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, April 1970

PEOPLE ARE too serious in this business is the conclusion presented by Elton John. Elton and Bernie Taubin composed 'Border Song', which is receiving wide ...

Gladys Knight, Alan Price: Gladys Knight & the Pips, Alan Price Set: Saville Theatre, London

Live Review by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, December 1967

Alan Price and Gladys Knight & the Pips — Saville triumph ...

Henry Mancini, Andy Williams: Andy Williams, Henry Mancini: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, May 1968

ONE OF America's true men of song, Henry Mancini lays proud claim to a remarkable list of musical credits, sprinkled with the occasional academy award. ...

Miriam Makeba: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, November 1967

Cat-like Miriam at the Albert Hall... ...

Jeannie C. Riley: 'Harper Valley' Characters Come To Life via Jeannie C. Riley

Profile by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, December 1968

VISIONS OF the Mississippi Delta again grace the charts as does a rather lovely face while 21-year-old Texas-born Jeannie C. Riley nips at the top ...

The Rolling Stones: Beggars' Banquet (Decca)

Review by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, November 1968

'Sympathy For The Devil'; 'No Expectations'; 'Dear Doctor'; 'Parachute Woman'; 'Jig-Saw Puzzle'; 'Street Fighting Man'; 'Prodigal Son'; 'Stray Cat Blues'; 'Factory Girl'; 'Salt Of The Earth' ...

The Rolling Stones: Hyde Park, London

Live Review by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, July 1969

the good, the bad & the ugly... ...

Simon & Garfunkel: The Wizards

Profile by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, February 1969

SOME YEARS ago, in the days of pop's infancy, the fickle finger of fate (thank you Dick Martin and Dan Rowan) struck a golden combination. ...

Joe South Introspect: 'I Look For Warmth And Vibrations In People And I Look For God...'

Interview by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, May 1969

"JOE SOUTH is a boy from the roots of this country (U.S.A.), a whole bed of human suffering throughout the history of this fine land ...

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