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Luke Turner

Luke Turner

Luke Turner is a co-founder of the online music magazine The Quietus. As a freelance journalist he has also written for the NME, The Guardian, Dazed & Confused and The Stool Pigeon.

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Bloc Party: Intimacy

Review by Luke Turner, Quietus, The, August 2008

BLOC PARTY have always made themselves a frustratingly difficult band to like. Alright, so if you're a 17 year old kid from Haywards Heath with ...

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Push The Sky Away

Review by Luke Turner, Quietus, The, February 2013

RECENT YEARS have seen messageboards, pop gossip sites and magazines alike indulging in the pursuit of Brighton-based Nick Cave spotting. Nick Cave spotted waving a ...

Chris & Cosey: From Death Factory To Fenland

Interview by Luke Turner, Stool Pigeon, The, May 2011

At home with electronic and industrial music pioneers Chris & Cosey ...

Fleet Foxes: Why Is Our Radical Folk Heritage Ignored?

Comment by Luke Turner, Guardian, The, November 2008

Modern British music is so in thrall to Americana that our own treasure trove of radical traditional folk is in danger of being forgotten ...

Diamanda Galás: Devil Woman

Interview by Luke Turner, Dazed & Confused, March 2008

Diamanda Galás has been shouting down society's hypocritical moralists for over 30 years. Here, she explains how HIV/Aids, Catholicism and injustice inspired a lifelong crusade ...

Grace Jones: Hurricane

Review by Luke Turner, Quietus, The, November 2008

IN THE YEARS SINCE Grace Jones' last foray into recorded music, female artistes have increasingly been forced into major label-defined sonic and aesthetic roles, be ...

Pete Doherty: Peter Doherty: Grace/Wastelands (EMI)

Review by Luke Turner, Quietus, The, March 2009

IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE, someone has taken Pete Doherty's cultural obsessions and musical touchpoints and made beguiling music that explores Englishness in a subtle, intelligent ...

Sonic Youth: A Rude Awakening

Interview by Luke Turner, Stool Pigeon, The, May 2009

Luke Turner feels the pall in the mall as he accompanies a pre-boogie woogie jam Sonic Youth on a shopping trip. ...

Spiritualized: Songs In A&E

Review by Luke Turner, Quietus, The, May 2008

SPIRITUALIZED reached their commercial zenith a decade ago, when a nation wearying of Britpop and knocked sideways by the insane reaction to the death of ...

Suicide: Live 1977 - 1978 Box Set

Review by Luke Turner, Quietus, The, August 2008

IT'S RARE to find live albums from canonical acts that don’t come swathed in mythology or creaking under the weight of their own self importance. ...

Sunn O)))

Interview by Luke Turner, Dazed & Confused, February 2008

"WE FOUND them in the woods," laughs Stephen O'Malley, refusing to divulge where Sunn O))) wove the monastic robes that, along with cranium-crushing waves of ...

Sunn O))): Doom With A View: Sunn O))) Discuss Monoliths And Dimensions

Interview by Luke Turner, Quietus, The, May 2009

THE QUIETUS has already stopped taking bets on our album of 2009. It's hard to imagine any other group coming up with a record as ...

Chris Watson: Wild Tracks

Interview by Luke Turner, Into Magazine (Sound & Music), June 2010

Chris Watson talks to Luke Turner about the connections between his work as a documentary sound recordist, musician and artist, as his latest installation, Whispering ...

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