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Penny Kiley

Penny Kiley

Penny Kiley began her freelance career as the Melody Maker's token punk rocker (and Liverpool correspondent) in the late 1970s and also wrote for Smash Hits during the early '80s. 

She was pop columnist for the Liverpool Echo for several years, during which she tried hard to avoid mentioning the Beatles.

She is retired from the music business (for now) and currently makes a living as a web editor. She still enjoys the occasional online rant about music, and she thinks there should be more women interviewees in music documentaries.

List of articles in the library by artist

Frank Chickens: Educating Frank

Interview by Penny Kiley, Melody Maker, September 1986

Mixing kimonos with pink socks, FRANK CHICKENS are the ultimate culture shock. Now they sometimes forget they're not English and are firmly intent on changing ...

Gang of Four: Gang Of Four: Liverpool

Live Review by Penny Kiley, Smash Hits, June 1982

THE GANG OF Four are one of the few groups who are almost always better on stage than on record. After a sticky patch last ...

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers: Rockin' And Romance (Rough Trade)

Review by Penny Kiley, Melody Maker, June 1985

IF JONATHAN RICHMAN'S single, 'That Summer Feeling', isn't a hit this year, you can only blame it on the Met Office. Richman, eternal cult figure, ...

Microdisney: Liverpool Polytechnic

Live Review by Penny Kiley, Melody Maker, May 1988

HAVING RECOVERED from Edward Barton screaming at us that he's got no chicken but he's got five wooden chairs, seeing Microdisney was yet another shock. ...

Pigbag: Warehouse, Liverpool

Live Review by Penny Kiley, Smash Hits, April 1982

PIGBAG ARE 'HOT' at the moment and so are the audience — very hot. The Warehouse Club (originally a real warehouse and cosily underground like ...

The Primitives: The Royal Court, Liverpool

Live Review by Penny Kiley, Melody Maker, May 1988

IN MY FAR off youth, I was once most insulted when a friend dismissed 'Sheena Is A Punk Rocker' as "Bubblegum". The good thing about ...

Spear Of Destiny: Liverpool

Live Review by Penny Kiley, Smash Hits, March 1983

SPEAR OF DESTINY are not just Theatre Of Hate by a new name. In fact, pretentious names, a guitarist and a bass player are all ...

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