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Richard Kick

Richard Kick is a pseudonym for Richard Cabut

List of articles in the library by artist

23 Skidoo: Urban Wastelands

Interview by Richard Kick, ZigZag, October 1984

THE THOUGHT was: as a concise introduction into the idea of 23 Skidoo I would write a short piece about Fritz Hamaan. ...

Alternative TV: Mark Perry: After The Storm

Interview by Richard Kick, ZigZag, October 1984

ONE SOMETIMES wonders what ever happened to the original punk rock generation of 1976? Obviously those who have managed to hold onto the limelight we ...

The Gun Club: I Left My Hat In San Francisco

Interview by Richard Kick, ZigZag, September 1984


Lou Reed, Richard Hell, Robert Quine: Robert Quine: Red Red Quine

Interview by Richard Kick, ZigZag, April 1985

WILD MEN of rock come and wild men of rock fizzle out. Or, rebels don't – their voices just fade away. Robert Quine, mild mannered ...

Specimen: The Filth Amendment

Report by Richard Kick, ZigZag, June 1984

IT WOULD take a century of three-foot-thick ZigZags to truly describe the weird scenes, huge fun, turmoils, wobblers, windups, triumphs and downers of nearly three ...

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