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Richard Wootton

Richard Wootton specialized in writing about country and roots music for Melody Maker and other publications. He is now the leading UK publicist for country and Americana acts.

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Allman Brothers Band: Allman Brothers Reform For LP, Tour

Report by Richard Wootton, Melody Maker, September 1978

THE FOUR SURVIVING members of the original Allman Brothers Band – Gregg Allman, Dickie Betts, Butch Trucks and Jai Johanny Johanson – have reformed for ...

Guy Clark

Interview by Richard Wootton, Omaha Rainbow, Spring 1979

I WAS born in this tiny West Texas town called Honihans in 1940. Honihans was named after some Irishman who found the well there - ...

Johnnie Allan: Promised Land

Interview by Richard Wootton, Omaha Rainbow, Summer 1978

'PROMISED LAND' by Johnnie Allan is a rarity — a perfect pop record; just over two minutes long, it's a dynamite recording of the old ...

Townes Van Zandt

Interview by Richard Wootton, Omaha Rainbow, December 1977

TOWNES VAN ZANDT is no longer such a well kept secret, known only to a handful of dedicated fans. Thanks to his new manager and ...

Steve Young: Pickin’ with the Renegade: Steve Young

Interview by Richard Wootton, Melody Maker, April 1981

IT’S a depressingly familiar scenario. An American musician who’s acquired a strong cult following over several years with a string of excellent but hard-to-get albums ...

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