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Tony Fletcher

Tony Fletcher

Tony Fletcher is the author of the best-selling biography Dear Boy: The Life Of Keith Moon. He has also written biographies on R.E.M. and Echo & The Bunnymen, a book on The Clash, and a novel, set in the belly of New York nightlife, called Hedonism. He has written for most of the familiar magazines and newspapers - and some of the less familiar ones too. Fletcher founded Jamming! magazine in 1977, at school in South London; 25 years later, now settled in Brooklyn, NY, with wife and children, he resurrected it on the web. features Fletcher's daily musings, archived interviews and wine reviews..

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Alternative TV: The iJamming! Chat: Mark Perry

Interview by Tony Fletcher,, January 2001

AS THE FIRST sentence of my mission statement makes clear, Mark Perry was a major factor in my deciding to write about music – though, ...

Jeff Beck, Keith Moon: Jeff Beck on Keith Moon

Interview by Tony Fletcher,, 1996

WORD for word, anecdote for anecdote, insight for insight, Jeff Beck was probably the best interview I conducted for my Keith Moon biography. ...

Boy George: The iJamming! Interview: Boy George

Interview by Tony Fletcher,, September 2000

I CAN only imaginewhat some of the rockists will be thinking when they come to this site and see a Boy George interview as a ...

Alice Cooper, The Who: Alice Cooper on Keith Moon

Interview by Tony Fletcher,, November 1996

ONE REASON I've been looking forward to getting this site up is to make available some of the interviews I conducted for the Keith Moon ...

The Fall: Mark E. Smith and The Fall, 1979

Interview by Tony Fletcher,, 2005

AS SURELY BEFITS The Fall's longevity, my 1979 interview with Mark E. Smith and Marc Riley seems more relevant – and certain more prescient – ...

The Feelies, Lou Reed: Lou Reed, The Feelies: St James' Theatre, New York NY

Live Review by Tony Fletcher, Record Mirror, April 1989

PROOF MAY no longer be needed that Lou Reed's former group the Velvet Underground are the most influential band in the field of rock 'n' ...

Killing Joke: An Interview with Jaz and Youth

Interview by Tony Fletcher, Anthony Blampied, Jamming!, 1981


LCD Soundsystem: Give It Up! Ten Reasons We Loved LCD Soundsystem

Comment by Tony Fletcher,, April 2011

On Saturday April 2, 2011, at Madison Square Garden, LCD Soundsystem gave it up for good. Here are Ten Reasons We Loved Them... ...

Keith Moon, The Who: Moon Over America

Book Excerpt by Tony Fletcher, Omnibus Books, 1998

An extract from Dear Boy: The Life Of Keith Moon, by Tony Fletcher, first published by Omnibus Press in 1998. (616pp, currently available in the ...

Negativland, U2: Negativland: A Fistful Of Lawsuits

Report and Interview by Tony Fletcher, Creem, April 1993

"I don't think there are any record companies right now in the real sense of the word. We're all in the fashion business. You used ...

New Kids On The Block: Fandemonium

Report and Interview by Tony Fletcher, Spin, June 1990

Riding a wave of fan hysteria and saturation marketing, the New Kids On The Block are teen girl America's favorite group. ...

R.E.M.: The New Adventures of R.E.M.

Book Excerpt by Tony Fletcher, Omnibus Books, 2002

An extract from Remarks Remade: The Story of R.E.M. by Tony Fletcher, first published by Omnibus Press in 1989 and in three subsequent editions, the ...

Scritti Politti

Interview by Tony Fletcher, Jamming!, 1982


Travis: The iJamming! Interview: Fran Healy from Travis

Interview by Tony Fletcher,, April 2000

Back in April, shortly after seeing Travis play for the first time at the Bowery Ballroom, I interviewed the group's loquacious front man Fran Healy ...

U2: The Pride of Lions

Report and Interview by Tony Fletcher, Jamming!, October 1984

Excepting live albums and video, U2 have been silent, both on record and in the media, for a year and a half. Now back with ...

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Inside The Body Of Techno

Report by Tony Fletcher, Creem, November 1992

In its broadest sense, techno is a form of up-tempo, mainly instrumental electronic dance music, founded in Detroit in the 1980s by producers inspired by ...

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