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Shirley Bassey, Ben E. King: Although Shirley's Already Climbing The Charts There's Room For Everybody In The 'I Who Have Nothing' Battle

Report by Wesley Laine, Record Mirror, October 1963

EVERY NOW and again a song is written that is so excellent that many artists rush to make their versions of it. A battle usually ...

The Beach Boys: Smiley Smile (Capitol)

Review by Wesley Laine, Record Mirror, October 1967

BEACH BOY fans will be delighted with the new LP Smiley Smile. At least, that is if (a) the record is released in the American ...

The Beatles: Beatles Beatles

Report and Interview by Wesley Laine, Record Mirror, February 1963

WHETHER YOU like them or not, you've got to admit that the Beatles are just about the most talked-about group on the British beat scene. ...

The Hollies: A Hit Despite Juke Box Jury

Profile by Wesley Laine, Record Mirror, September 1963

AFTER A long-drawn-out success with their 'Just Like Me' hit, the popular Hollies, Manchester's second-biggest chart group, seem to have another of the same calibre ...

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