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I Knew Emmett Grogan

Al Aronowitz, Blacklisted Masterpieces of Al Aronowitz, The, 1981

YEAH, I KNEW Emmett Grogan, knew him well enough to've gone on a half-ass caper with him in behalf of a coke dealer who thought he might 've just snuffed the Uptown player motherfucker that ripped him off for $20,000 worth of snort, knew him well enough to've long suspected that he boosted a TV set and a hair dryer out of my pad so he could feed his junk habit, knew him well enough to've given him $100 that he never paid back plus a bottle of my dying wife's Percodans as a Christmas present. He later accused me of getting him back on junk with that little gift.

Total word count of piece: 1297