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Afrika Bambaataa

Afrika Bambaataa


Afrika Bambaataa (1984)

Interview by Simon Witter, Rock's Backpages Audio, 1984

The hip-hop and Electro Funk pioneer talks about the Zulu Nation, Shango, Soulsonic Force and more.

File format: mp3; file size: 28.2mb, interview length: 33' 50" sound quality: ***

Afrika Bambaataa (1998)

Interview by Frank Broughton, Rock's Backpages Audio, October 1998

The "Master of Records" tells the story from the first parties in the Bronx River Projects throught to 'Planet Rock' and beyond: Kool Herc and the breaks; gang culture and the Zulu Nation; hip hop's Jamaican roots; Kraftwerk, and Bam's eclecticism; the evolution of the MCs, and the downtown-uptown connection.

File format: mp3; file size: 65.8mb, interview length: 1h 11' 50" sound quality: ****


Hip Hop: The Music Centre

Report by Dave Rimmer, Smash Hits, April 1983

Ever wondered where Wham! and Malcolm McLaren got their ideas from? Or how rapping and scratching actually started? The answers lie in the Bronx — a borough ...

Afrika Bambaataa: Bambaataa Of The Bronx

Interview by Mark Cooper, No. 1, March 1984

The Grandmaster of hip hop lectures Mark Cooper on the meaning of the Funk ...

James Brown (and Afrika Bambaataa): Sex Machine Today

Report and Interview by Gavin Martin, New Musical Express, September 1984

WHAT DO you think of when you think of James Brown? A stretcher case raddled with emotional pain dragging himself back from endless encores of ...

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force: Pink Elephant, Luton

Live Review by Lynden Barber, Melody Maker, October 1984

THE CABBIE, waiting in the foyer, hadn't been too impressed. Now it was different when Demis Roussos and Johnny Mathis played here. Sounded just like ...

Afrika Bambaataa: Play It Again Bam

Interview by Lynden Barber, Melody Maker, October 1984

Leader of the Zulu Nation. Godfather of hip-hop. Overlord of funk. Black youth guru. Creator of the most influential record of the Eighties. All this ...

UK Fresh '86: Fresher's Ball

Profile and Interview by Frank Owen, Melody Maker, July 1986

Out of the subway and into the charts, hip hop is stronger than it's ever been, with dazzling new talents like LL Cool J and ...

Rap: Rock Is Dead

Special Feature by Mark Dery, Keyboard, November 1988


15 Years of Hip Hop: Back in the Days

Retrospective and Interview by Frank Owen, Vibe, December 1994

Most of what you know about the old school is wrong. ...

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