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Alexander O'Neal

Alexander O'Neal


Cherrelle and Alexander O'Neal: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Frank Owen, Melody Maker, March 1986

IN THE LATEST edition of Monitor, Chris Stubbs suggests that soul music's fading calling card is now sex music. And it's certainly true that the ...

Cherrelle, Alexander O'Neal: Fairfield Halls, Croydon

Live Review by Paul Sexton, Record Mirror, March 1986

THEY PACK 'EM in down Croydon way. A brace of shows by the Tabu twosome, no less, proving that Saturday love really stretches this far ...

Alexander O'Neal: Hammersmith Odeon

Live Review by Barney Hoskyns, New Musical Express, November 1986

IT SEEMS TO be ladykiller month in the UK. Luther Vandross and Freddie Jackson both have releases, while big Alex O'Neal's 1985 Epic album is ...

Who Took the Heart out of Soul?

Comment by Adam Sweeting, Guardian, The, February 1987

As London prepares for more streamlined sophistication, Adam Sweeting wonders what happened to the sweat and suffering ...

Jam And Lewis Take Control

Profile and Interview by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, April 1987

The Grammy Award-winning producers who made Janet Jackson a 'Nasty' superstar have been turning out lots of hits lately ...

Alexander O'Neal: Wembley Arena, London

Live Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, December 1989

THE LIFESTYLE stemming from competent professional soul is utterly despicable. Ostentatious displays of wealth inherent in the flashy cars and gaudily overpriced fashions turn my ...

Alexander O’Neal

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Vox, March 1991

WHATEVER happened to the black ladykiller, that oversized teddy bear in a Versace suit serenading womankind with a cordless microphone in one hand and a ...

Alexander O'Neal: All True Man

Review by Mark Cooper, Q, March 1991

ALEXANDER O'NEAL ONCE once remarked that he was successful because he helped "bring back masculinity to the black industry". ...

Alexander O'Neal: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, Guardian, The, April 1991

ALEXANDER O'NEAL'S last British tour was famed for the moment during the concert when a double bed was wheeled on stage and a young laydee ...

The Jam & Lewis Story, Part 1: Flyte of Fantasy

Interview by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, December 1992

To mark the tenth anniversary of Jam & Lewis's ultra-successful Flyte Tyme Productions, Jeff Lorez flew to Minneapolis and spoke to Jimmy Jam for more than eight hours over two ...

Jam & Lewis: Flyte of Fantasy Part II

Interview by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, January 1993

Jeff Lorez continues his in-depth report on the tenth anniversary of Jam & Lewis's Flyte Tyme Productions. ...

Jam & Lewis: Flyte of Fantasy Part III

Interview by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, February 1993

Jeff Lorez concludes his in-depth report on the tenth anniversary of Jam & Lewis's Flyte Tyme Productions ...

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