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Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys


Fast and Furious: Arctic Monkeys

Report and Interview by Dorian Lynskey, Guardian, The, September 2005

IT'S A RADIANT late September day outside a recording studio in rural Lincolnshire. Summer is still clinging on by its fingertips, a lawnmower purrs in ...

Arctic Monkeys: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

Review by Pete Paphides, Times, The, January 2006

GIVEN THAT there probably isn't a guitar-wielding teenager who wouldn't swap with them right now, it might seem strange to suggest that we should feel ...

Arctic Monkeys: Whatever They Say They Are, That's What They Are

Report by Caroline Sullivan, Guardian, The, January 2006

EARLIER THIS week, the Times dealt the Arctic Monkeys the backhanded compliment of labelling them "spotty poets". It's the "poets" that concerns us here. ...

Arctic Monkeys: Whatever People Say I Am…/Clap Your Hands Say Yeah/Broken Social Scene

Review by David Sinclair, Word, The, February 2006

WHEN I TOLD my 16-year-old daughter that I was reviewing the debut album by Arctic Monkeys, she was not particularly impressed. "Yes, yes," she said. ...

Arctic Monkeys: Magna Centre, Rotherham

Live Review by Pete Paphides, Times, The, April 2006

SPEND AN hour in the company of Britain's hottest young band and an inescapable irony heaves into view. How is it that a frontman with ...

Arctic Monkeys: It's great when you're ape… yeah!

Interview by Paul Moody, Uncut, December 2006

In just 12 months, Arctic Monkeys have become the biggest band in the land. Uncut took the boys back to where their incredible story began ...

Arctic Monkeys: Favourite Worst Nightmare

Review by Jon Savage, Observer, The, April 2007

Don't be fooled by their common touch: the cheeky chimps are special. Jon Savage hears them make sense of the modern world ...

Arctic Monkeys: Favourite Worst Nightmare (Domino) ****

Review by Simon Reynolds, Uncut, May 2007

Whatever you think they are... They're better! The triumphant, funky return of Alex Turner's troupe ...

The Q Interview: Alex Turner: "I still feel very much a boy"

Interview by Keith Cameron, Q, July 2007

On Friday, 22 June the Arctic Monkeys will headline Glastonbury. Favourite Worst Nightmare is the year's fastest selling album. Their time is assuredly now. But ...

Arctic Monkeys: Humbug (Domino)

Review by Stephen Dalton, Times, The, August 2009

MATURITY IS THE poisoned chalice that all rock bands must sup from eventually. Arctic Monkeys sounded strikingly sharp and vital on their 2006 debut, Whatever ...

Arctic Monkeys: Humbug (Domino)

Review by Mike Diver,, August 2009

PUT ASIDE ALL thoughts of imminent backlash immediately, as Humbug is Arctic Monkeys' most enjoyably complete album to date. ...

Radiohead, Ian Brown, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs et al: Reading Festival, Berkshire ***

Live Review by Nick Hasted, Independent, The, August 2009

Radiohead's modern jazz wrong-foots the crowd ...

Arctic Monkeys: Wembley Arena, London ***

Live Review by Nick Hasted, Independent, The, November 2009

Northern soul with a heavy heart ...

Schoolteachers of Rock

Interview by Jude Rogers, Observer, The, April 2010

What's it like to have taught someone who went on to be a pop star? The teachers of Alex Turner, Leona Lewis, the xx and ...

Arctic Monkeys Make The Fastest-selling Debut Ever

Report by Jude Rogers, Guardian, The, June 2011

23 January 2006: Number 48 in our series of the 50 key events in the history of indie music ...

Surfeit Safari: Arctic Monkeys: Suck It And See (Domino)

Review by Dorian Lynskey, Word, The, July 2011

Arctic Monkeys latest adventure — an overload of hyper-chiselled lyricism and a touch too much of yer manly riff-rock ...

Arctic Monkeys: AM

Review by Ian Gittins, Virgin Media Music, September 2013

Arctic Monkeys now routinely operate at such a rarefied pitch that it is easy to take their excellence for granted. ...

Arctic Monkeys: AM

Review by Jon Young, Spin, September 2013

EARLY EXPOSURE to the fifth Arctic Monkeys record might betray a few symptoms of Pretentious Artiste Syndrome – frontman Alex Turner has name-checked Dr. Dre ...

Arctic Monkeys: AM (Domino Records)

Review by Kate Mossman, New Statesman, September 2013

The Arctic Monkeys' fifth album, AM, has changed the sound but not the character of Britain's "Last True Indie Band". ...

Arctic Monkeys: AM

Review by Keith Cameron, MOJO, September 2013

FOR ALL THE advance wow about the Rolling Stones, post-match consensus declared the Arctic Monkeys the star turn of this year's Glastonbury Festival. The Sheffield ...

Arctic Monkeys: Kool Haus, Toronto

Live Review by Juliette Jagger, Anchor Shop, September 2013

WELL, IT'S OFFICIAL, the Arctic Monkeys have their fifth number one on the UK top 40 charts with their latest album AM. That's five for ...

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