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Art Ensemble of Chicago

Art Ensemble of Chicago


The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Like Hi Man, I's Yo New Neighbour

Report and Interview by Brian Case, New Musical Express, January 1975

Yep, it's a tough town and the music fits like a glove. BRIAN CASE meets The Art Ensemble of Chicago on their home patch. ...

Lester Bowie: Gittin' to Know Y'all

Interview by Brian Case, Melody Maker, February 1979

LESTER BOWIE plays trumpet the way Leo Watson scats. His music is a funfair hall of mirrors with as many straight lines as a switchback ...

Art Ensemble of Chicago: The Roundhouse, London

Live Review by Brian Case, Melody Maker, March 1979

PROBABLY THE only unanswered question by now for most of their followers on this side of The Big Moist, is how they look when they ...

The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Dressing Up To Play

Interview by Brian Case, Melody Maker, August 1980

The Art Ensemble's percussionist, Famoudou Don Moye, levels, bevels and revels in costume. BRIAN CASE sits and watches ...

Art Ensemble of Chicago: Ancient to the Future

Profile by John Sinclair, Detroit Metro Times, October 1988

A SMALL ARMY of instruments is what you see first – an entire stage full of saxophones, drums, gongs, percussion implements of every description, bicycle ...

The Art Ensemble Of Chicago

Report and Interview by Don Snowden, Los Angeles Times, March 1990

"OUR MUSIC IS primarily intended to stimulate thought, to get people to make new rationales," said Art Ensemble of Chicago trumpeter Lester Bowie. "We're expanding ...

Art Ensemble Of Chicago

Book Excerpt by Phil Hardy, Dave Laing, Faber Companion to 20th Century Popular Music, 2001

Roscoe Mitchell, b. 3 August 1940, Chicago, Illinois, USA; Joseph Jarman, b. 14 September 1937, Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Lester Bowie, b. 11 October 1941, Frederick, ...

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