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Beth Orton

Beth Orton


Beth Orton: Go Orton!

Interview by Paul Moody, New Musical Express, August 1996

CONTEMPORARY FEMALE singer-songwriters, then: fiercely independent, forever marketed as several colours short of a full palette and ever-prone to massive crossover success care of the ...

Beth Orton

Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, 1999

"I spent last weekend in this delirium of writing," bubbles Beth Orton, delight unleashing her accent’s full eccentricity – Cockney caw, Norfolk moo and middle-class ...

Mild Thing: Beth Orton: Central Reservation (Heavenly) **

Review by David Quantick, Q, April 1999

The Janis Joplin of the Heavenly Social Club finally delivers sequel to Trailer Park. ...

Beth Orton: Heartbreaker

Interview by Geoffrey Himes, Harp, Summer 2002

TO APPRECIATE how special Beth Orton is, it helps to catch her at a show like the one she did at the 1999 South by ...

Beth Orton: Comfort of Strangers (EMI)

Review by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, February 2006

HAS EMPTY become the new full? Every month we read of another singer-songstress who's stripped down her sound, kept things "spare and minimal". Now it's ...

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