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Billy J. Kramer

Billy J. Kramer


Billy J. Kramer Adds To Liverpool Chart Invasion!

Interview by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, May 1963

FIRST THE BEATLES, then Gerry and the Pacemakers. Now a new Liverpool name, Billy J. Kramer, looks set to take the NME Chart by storm ...

Billy J. Kramer: Singing Was Forced On To Me!

Interview by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, May 1963

BILLY J. KRAMER sat back in his manager's London office and looked thoughtful as the bubbles settled on top of his cup of hot tea. ...

Great Session by Billy J — But Those Tonsils Will Have To Come Out!

Interview by June Harris, Disc, July 1963

BILLY J. KRAMER has tonsil trouble. "I reckon I'll have 'em chopped out in September," he told me over the phone last week. "The specialist ...

Billy J. Kramer: Life With Billy J.!

Interview by Peter Jones, Record Mirror, October 1963

BILLY J. KRAMER lashed back his second entire French loaf, whooshed amiably through a large crab salad — and talked about the trials, tribulations and ...

Fab Gives Cilla a 21st Gig

Report by Keith Altham, Fabulous, May 1964

Cilla Black's a mighty popular popster and Fab fans of hers wrote in droves asking about Cilla's birthday. Since her 21st was coming up we just had to ...

Fab Says Happy Birthday Billy J.

Report by Sylvia Stephens, Fabulous, August 1964

It's Billy J's. 21st. What better excuse for a party? So we had one — and it was FAB. ...

Our Great Mate Gene Pitney

Interview by Keith Altham, Fabulous, August 1964

I LEANED BACK in my chair and regarded my empty lunch plate with a satisfied smile. ...

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