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Billy Swan

Billy Swan


Billy Swan: Swan Song

Profile and Interview by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, December 1974

When Billy Swan cut a solo single, things started to happen — and they kept on happening until he reached the American No 1 spot... ...

Eddy Mitchell/Billy Swan/The Jordanaires: Olympia, Paris

Report and Interview by Bob Woffinden, New Musical Express, June 1975

Vegas on 8 cheeseburgers a day...or a bitch-in with Nashville's men of steel in Gay Paree. Which would you prefer? ...

Billy Swan: Rock 'n' Roll Moon

Review by John Morthland, Creem, January 1976

BILLY SWAN is one of those strange Seventies mutations, a product of a time when musical boundaries are breaking down at an accelerating rate. ...

Billy Swan, Willie Nelson: New Victoria Theatre, London

Live Review by Mick Farren, New Musical Express, May 1976

The majesty of Nelson's column ...

Willie Nelson, Billy Swan: New Victoria Theatre, London

Live Review by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, May 1976

Good and bad ol' boys ...

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