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Box Tops, The

Box Tops, The


Big Time Unknowns: The Box Tops Mystery

Profile by Mike Gormley, Ottawa Journal, The, February 1968

THE BEST way to establish an act in the musical big time is to have a No. I record. ...

James Brown, Box Tops, Albert King, Otis Redding et al, Album Reviews

Review by Peter Jones, Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, May 1968

Loads of R&B albums including Otis' great Dock Of The Bay LP ...

Meet The Box Tops!

Interview by uncredited writer, Flip, September 1968


The Box Tops: Dimensions, Nonstop, Super Hits

Review by Lester Bangs, Rolling Stone, December 1969

THE BOX TOPS? Are you serious? Those yokel hacks grinding out rattly pop for the tyrannical Top 40? Those squeaky-clean goons in paisley scarves and ...

The Box Tops: Perfectly Packaged Pop That Sold A Million

Retrospective by Tom Hibbert, History of Rock, The, 1983

While most of their contemporaries were dabbling in flower power and psychedelia, the Box Tops found success with a pop-oriented soul sound that was distinctly ...

The Box Tops: House Of Blues, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Don Waller, MOJO, August 1997

ADDING YET another layer of cracked lustre to lead singer Alex Chilton's legendary cult-star, The Box Tops popped on-stage, pumping out a pluperfect-for-frat-parties version of ...

The Box Tops

Sleevenotes by Colin Escott, unpublished, September 2001

IN THESE trivia-obsessed times, it's probably worth knowing that the first Number One hit recorded in Memphis by a Memphis act was 'The Letter'. It ...

The Glory and Grandeur That Is Defeat: The Music of Alex Chilton

Special Feature by Michael Baker, Perfect Sound Forever, July 2004

I. Entrance: On the Slopes of Parnassus ...

The Glory and Grandeur That Is Defeat: The Music of Alex Chilton, Part 2

Retrospective by Michael Baker, Perfect Sound Forever, July 2004

IF THE FIRST ALBUM is soulful and unconscious, the second develops a narrator and player who find new voices, taking on consciousness, memory, and loss. ...

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